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Abate Blog – April 2021

Hi Friends,

Spring is now officially here and yes, the bikes are out in full force. Last year at this time we had a lot of nice days and a lot of riders getting in some riding time and the crash statistics show it. From January 1st to 3/22/2020 we had 156 Crashes, 11 fatalities, 32 were speed related and the high days were Sunday and Monday.  In 2021 the weather has not been so nice but we still have had 119 crashes, 4 fatalities, 23 speed related, and the high day is Wednesday. Everyone has heard this before, but we need to ride SMART. Big brother is always looking at ways to keep us “safe” and we don’t want to give them any ammunition.

What does May mean to all of us motorcyclists? It is Motorcycle Awareness Month. This month was set aside many years ago to let everyone know that we are back on the road in full force and for drivers to Look Twice and Save a Life. May 1stwill be the annual Awareness Ride to the Ohio Statehouse. At 9am on Saturday, May 1, 2021, we will meet at Farrow North Harley Davidson and at noon will leave and have an escorted parade to the Ohio Statehouse. We will read the Governor’s Proclamation declaring May as Motorcycle Awareness Month, followed by other cities and towns who want to recognize us. If you would like to get a proclamation from your local Mayor, contact me. I will send you a proclamation kit. See the attached flyer and get more info at ABATE.com. 

This is going to be such a great year that last year is going to be forgotten. So let’s get out and ride and please do it safely. A lot of the old clubs and organization that have been around forever are having a hard time. Please support them this year. You can send a check to the pop-up charities if you want, but you also need to ride and support your brothers.

Hope to see you all down the road. Ride safe and SMART. If you have an extra $20.00 join ABATE of Ohio and you will get a free Raffle Bike Ticket. 

We have a new address; ABATE of Ohio, Inc. PO Box 23701, Columbus, Ohio 43222

Mike Stock

Chairman of the Board

ABATE of Ohio, Inc.



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