2017 Buckeye Thunder Run Ohio's Motorcycle Magazine Presents A Bigger, More Exciting Version Of The Ride Card Program

And you’re invited to join the ride!

Thunder Roads Ohio is proud to present the 2017 Buckeye Thunder Run (BTR) as a state-wide, riding contest hitting destinations and events across Ohio – as selected by our editors and the readers of Thunder Roads Ohio (TRO). This is a riding contest like no-other and features great prizes every month – all in an effort to not only maintain but to build interest in the contest over the course of the entire riding season! During the off-season, riders still carry RIDE CARDS and enjoy discounts and special opportunities offered by TRO partners.


Often imitated but never duplicated – carried by over 25,000 RIDERS!. Year-round, we will be registering riders for Thunder Roads Ride Cards. Starting with the winter bike shows, throughout the entire ride season, and right up through the holidays – we will be signing up motorcycle enthusiasts for their Ride Cards. With these cards, riders will be able to “check-in” at stops all across the state. Their check-in’s make them eligible for prize drawings June through October – while the cards themselves entitle riders to savings and special opportunities throughout the year! It’s a great program that currently has more than 25,000 registered participants!

For 2017, we will once again be expanding the program with more stops, more media partners, more events, and MORE PRIZES! A renewed commitment will be made to ensure the quality of the stops and encouraging riders to get out and explore! We are STILL NOT simply adding anyone willing to write a check. We will be considering Ride Stops recommended by our readers and editors, and we will only select those that offer a legitimate interest to riders – making them worth the ride to visit and adding legitimacy to our ride program.

NEW FOR 2017 – Social Media and Photo Check-In’s!

Riders will be encouraged to check in at stops through their social media accounts and by sharing photos of them at the stops. Special placards will be displayed at Ride Stops in positions that allow riders to take a photo alongside. Key events and featured stops will also have custom 7’ tall banners on display that prominently promote the THUNDER RUN and allow riders to “check-in” by sharing a photo of them alongside the prominent fixtures.

Each month, TRO sends out an e-newsletter to Ride Participants, Sponsors and motorcycle enthusiasts with information on RIDE STOPS, SPECIAL SAVINGS, and PRIZE WINNERS. Currently, over 25,000 participants receive this newsletter and more than 200,000 enthusiasts follow online.

For information on becoming a RIDE STOP or RIDE SPONSOR, please email You can also email us to nominate a RIDE STOP. To receive a RIDE CARD in the GET THE GEAR page.

Buckeye Thunder Run

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