BEST BIKE : $5,000 Phil Cerulli Royal Palm Beach, FL 2017 Road Glide Custom M0034

DUCK AWARD: $2,500 Tony Geraci Cincinnati, OH 2017 Custom Bobber M0040

OUTSTANDING BIKE : $1,000 Wayne Burgess Fenwick, ON Harley M0060A

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD: Bill Schalk 2003 Harley-Davidson Sportster M0047B


Bobber: 5000

6th M0019 Marcus Ellis Parma, OH 1078 Harley

5th M0020 Marcus Ellis Parma, OH 1980 Harley

4th M0058 CJ Lowery 2006 Custom

3rd M0100 Virgil Gripp Parma, OH 2011 Harley

2nd M0070 Cyndi Kilby N Olmsted, OH 2001 Harley Sportster

1st M0040 Tony Geraci Cincinnati, OH 2017 Custom Bobber

Restored Bike: 5010

7th M0104 Thomas Klepsky Cleveland, OH 1976 Kawasaki 900 Ltd

M0105 Jeff Kihorany Fairport, OH 1975 Honda

5th M0095 Larry Moore Thompson, OH 1979 Harley FLH

4th M0093 Wayne Peters Olmsted Falls, OH 1971 Harley Super Glide

3rd M0072A Robbie Vestring Cincinnati, OH 2006 Dyna FSD

2nd M0063A Mike Cotopolis Alliance, OH 1974 Montesa Cota 247

1st M0064B Michael Pastore Canton, OH 1971 Honda CB750ki

Antique Custom: 5020

3rd M0018 Marcus Ellis Parma, OH 1970 Harley

2nd M0091 Michael McCann Jr Cleveland, OH 1970 Harley XLCH Sportster

1st M0113 Adam Karns Delmar, MD 1974 Harley XLCH

Nostalgia Chopper: 5030

5th M0061 Jeff Cohen Rootstown, OH 1972 Triumph TR6

4th M48 John Daubenspeck 2012 Custom Built

3rd M-27 Shawn Harris 1965 Triumph

2nd M0033 Jon Ard Indianapolis, IN 2001 Harley

1st M47A Bill Schalk 1979 Harley Iron Head

Chopper: 5040

4th M0042 Earl Fogg Columbus, OH 2008 Thunder MT

3rd M49 Kid Presto Wadsworth, OH 2016 American Chopper

2nd M0046 Jason Robinson Holland, OH 2001 Custom Show

1st M0059 CJ Lowery 2011 Custom

Sport Touring: 5050

8th M0108 Lawrence Joyce Alpharetta, GA 2002 Harley

7th M0094 Larry Moore Thompson, OH 2002 Harley Road King

6th M0085 Joel Vasko Amherst, OH 1995 Harley Heritage

5th M0045 George Kurka Sr Ravenna, OH 1997 Harley

4th M0024B Jimmy Messina 2003 Harley

3rd M0107 Chris MacMahan Elyria, OH 2017 Harley

2nd M0032 Rich Dickson Avon Lake, OH 2013 Harley Road King

1st M0054B Mick Gruan Canal Winchester, OH 2002 Harley Road King

Road Bike: 5060

5th M0009 John Moore Solon, OH 2008 Harley D

4th M0041 Richard Fugo Northfield, OH 2010 Harley Street

3rd M0082 Joel Vasko Amherst, OH 2010 Harley Road Glide

2nd M0025B James Campbell 2005 Harley

1st M0026 Kristopher Longo Aurora, OH 2017 Fat Bagger G2

Comp Bike: 5070

7th M0111B Dennis Kochever Montville, OH 1970 Honda

6th M0111 Jeff Kihorany Fairport, OH 1986 Honda

5th M67B Douglas Horner 1974 Yamaha

4th M67A Douglas Horner 1972 Yanaha

3rd M68 Douglas Horner 1940 Indian Sport Scout

2nd M0064A Michael Pastore Canton, OH 2009 BMW G450X

1st M0063B Mike Cotopolis Alliance, OH 1975 Suzuki RL 250

Drag Bike: 5080

4th M0112 Jeff Kihorany Fairport, OH 1975 Honda

3rd M0101 Perry Paugh Oakwood Village, OH 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa

2nd M0065 Perry Paugh 1999 Suzuki Drag

1st M0015 Nestor Jakimyszyn Parma, OH 1978 Kawasaki 1428

Sport Bike: 5090

4th M0062A Peter Grakauskas Avon, OH 1975 CANAM

3rd M0050 Geoff Bradner Berea, OH 1994 Honda

2nd M0097 Bob Adornetto Parma, OH 2002 Ducati MH 900E

1st M0072B Robbie Vestring Cincinnati, OH 1947 45 WLA flatbead

3-Wheeled Bike: 5010

1st M0071 David Moore 1983 Honda

Bike with Side Car: 5120

1st M0051-A Joe Ballard Lagrange, OH 1980 Harley Electra Glide FLH Classic w/ S

N. American Custom - Mild: 5152

1st M1537 Joe Ballard Lagrange, OH 2008 Big Dog

North American Manuf: 5160

5th M0086 Joel Vasko Amherst, OH 1995 Harley Bad Boy

4th M0092 Gray Bradick Cleveland, OH 2014 Harley Wide Glide

2nd M0011 Rudy Battaino Parma, OH 1998 Harley Fat Boy

1st M0083 Joel Vasko Amherst, OH 2005 Harley Springer

North American Manuf - Cons: 5161

6th M1537B Joe Ballard Lagrange, OH 1981 Harley Low Rider

5th M0012 Ruth Paul Two Rivers, WI 2007 Harley Fat Boy

4th M0057 Alan Waters Eaton, OH 1997 Harley Fat Boy

2nd M52 Dana Harbaugh 2009 Harley

1st M0016 Richard Davis Oakwood Village, OH 2000 Harley Low Rider

North American Manuf - Mild: 5162

3rd M0106 Andrew Cervelli Parma, OH 1979 Harley

2nd M0029 John Miller West Salem, OH 2004 Harley

1st M0043 Steve Higdon Sandusky, OH 1992 Harley

North American Manuf - Full: 5163

3rd M0069 Sean Cortimilia Berea, OH 1977 Harley Sportster

2nd M0054A Mick Gruan Canal Winchester, OH 1995 Harley Sportster 1200

1st M0021 Fred or Penny Waltz Spring Mills, PA 2009 Harley Rocker C

North Am Custom - Cons: 5171

2nd M0096 Shay Sichau Strongsville, OH 2016 Custom

1st M0010 Terry Young Brookpark, OH 2004 Big Dog Chopper

North Am Custom - Mild: 5172

1st M0114 Adam Karns Delmar, MD 1974 Harley Shovelhead

North Am Custom - Full: 5173

3rd M0028 James Womack East Cleveland, OH 2014 Penny Copper

2nd M0037 Ken McGill Massillon, OH 1968 Harley Sportster

1st M47B Bill Schalk 2003 Harley Sportster

North Am Custom - Radical: 5174

3rd M-35 Dave Nolan 2016 Nolan

2nd M0060B Wayne Burgess Fenwick, ON Harley

1st M0060A Wayne Burgess Fenwick, ON Harley

Bagger: 5175

2nd M0047 Randy Smith

1st M0038 David Kyzak Royal Palm Beach, FL 2016 Road King

Big Wheel Bike: 5177

3rd M0024A Will Winston 2009 Harley

2nd M0030 Ron Hall Marion, OH 2009 Harley Street Glide

1st M0034 Phil Cerulli Royal Palm Beach, FL 2017 Road Glide Custom

European Custom - Mild: 5182

1st M23 Rich Krupka Triumph Custom

Asian Custom: 5190

4th M0088 John Wright II Medina, OH 1986 Suzuki Savage LS650

3rd M0112B Jeff Kihorany Fairport, OH 1983 Honda

2nd M0110D Gregory Castillo Garfield Heights, OH 1987 Yamaha YSR50

1st M0099 Gary Ippolito Bay Village, OH 2001 Honda Rebel

Asian Custom - Cons: 5191

1st M0110C Gregory Castillo Garfield Heights, OH 2014 CT70

Asian Custom - Mild: 5192

3rd M0062B Peter Grakauskas Avon, OH 1980 Yamaha SR500

1st M39A* Jordan McGhee Burton, Ohio 1980 Honda CB650

Asian Custom - Full: 5193

3rd M1001A Kenny McFarland 1978 Honda

2nd M0053 Richard Hernandez N Olmsted, OH 2006 Kawasaki

1st M0102 Jason Wharton Salisbury, MD

Asian Custom - Radical: 5194

1st M0055 Robert Leonard Jr Painesville, OH 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa

Auto Bike: 5200

2nd M0017 Marshall Inghram Bed


  1. Tyler James says:

    Great Show! Lots of incredible bikes and amazing people there. Really is a family affair.

  2. Tyler James says:

    Great mix of Bikes. Great going to a show and seeing baggers, vintage choppers, metric, and even race bikes.

  3. Andrew Novak says:

    How can you see all the bikes that won 1st place?

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