2018 TRO Championship Bike Show Series Underway

Over the last several years, Thunder Roads Ohio has worked to develop local and regional Bike Shows as a means of showcasing both the rides that our readers have and the amazing works of rolling art that local shops and builders have been producing. Along the way, we discovered that many local riders had never participated in a Bike Show – never considering that their bikes were “show worthy”. It turns out, though, that most riders have an appreciation – even a love of motorcycles that goes beyond the amount of chrome on a bike or if there are water spots and dust on them. We’ve hosted Bike Shows at indoor venues that have often showcased bikes with less than a dozen miles on them – and we’ve hosted Bike Shows at outdoor venues ranging from dealership parking lots to grass fields (The Devil’s Staircase, Oregonia). Throughout we’ve discovered that it’s not always the most polished that gets the attention, but it’s the love and work that goes into the bike that everyone appreciates.

For 2018, Thunder Roads Ohio will host our most extensive schedule of Bike Shows – ranging from local community shows and Bike Night Shows, to festivals and rallies, and culminating in our Championship Shows. Throughout all of them, our goal is to showcase the bikes and the passion their owners have for them. We encourage everyone to participate in the Bike Shows and have fun with them. 

Upcoming Bike Shows– Here are just a few, you can go online for a complete listing and updates.

5/27/2018 Ohio Bike Week Championship Bike Show, Sandusky OH

6/2/2018 Thiel’s Wheels Car & Motorcycle Show, Upper Sandusky OH

6/9/2018 Biketown Harley-Davidson Bike Show, Austintown OH

6/16/2018 Jack Racino Bike Show, Randall Park OH

7/18/2018 Zeppes Bike Show, Newbury OH

7/21/2018 Iron Pony Bike Show, Columbus OH

7/23/2018 Quaker Steak & Lube Medina, Medina OH

7/26/2018 Quaker Steak & Lube Sheffield, Sheffield OH

8/11/2018 Harley’s Against Heroin Ride & Bike Show, Amelia (Cincinnati) OH

8/18/2018 Rally on the River, Ironton OH

8/25/2018 Stinger Harley-Davidson Bike Show, Medina OH

All dates are subject to change. Check online and follow on facebook for updates.

For more information, visit us online at www.ThunderRoadsOhio.com

Pre-Registration Bonuses!

In order to help plan and encourage participation amongst builders and bike owners, we are offering a number of incentives for those pre-registering for TRO Bike Shows this year. In addition to a slight discount on registration fees – which will vary, depending on the specific shows, we will also now be offering FREE Championship Bike Show Series T-Shirts to those registering in advance. For the larger shows, these shirts will be customized for the specific show. For those registering for 5 or more shows in advance – bike owners will receive a FREE Championship Bike Show Series Dickie® Eisenhower Shop Jacket!

Pre-Registration will be done through the Thunder Roads Ohio website or by contacting the TRO Office directly at BikeShowInfo@gmail.com or calling (440) 273-9000. 

* Each Bike Owner will receive one complimentary Show Shirt and then begin building credits towards the Shop Jacket. Program specifics are being finalized and not all Bike Shows featured in the magazine, website, or even in the Series will be eligible. Event organizers reserve the right to make changes that they deem necessary due to the constraints of operating within the real world.

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