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As a Christian – this is an especially important time of year for me.  As an American and an active member of the riding community – this is a time of brotherhood and good will, regardless of faith and religious belief.

We strongly believe that while our bikes embody the spirit and passion we all share, it’s the sense of camaraderie and brotherhood that really defines what it means to be a member of the riding community.

Outsiders rarely get it.  Some believe that we all just like throwing on the leather and playing dress-up.  Some folks wonder if it’s something shady – as if we’re all a part of some secret society.  As if being a rider enters us into some sort of cult.  Maybe it does, in some way.

Companies and self-serving promoters often try to appeal to riders by simply posing on a motorcycle.  They try to sugarcoat their sales pitch with leather and a sprinkling of V-twin images, but we usually see through that.  It doesn’t take long for riders to recognize when we are getting smoke blown up – and when we are hearing from someone that really understands.

For instance, we are proud to welcome Michigan Biker Law (MichiganBiker.com) as a new PRESENTING SPONSOR of Reasons To Ride.  While they may have billboards, I don’t really know – but I KNOW that they serve the riding community because I’ve seen hem out on the road.  I’ve seen their booths out at rallies and rides, and I’ve seen their representatives out talking to riders. 

And it’s through the support of companies such as them – that we can offer this magazine to you for FREE!

They get it.  Not only do they help support rides and charity events all across the region – they sponsor us, so that we can help promote those same events and the causes they represent.   And together, we can help hundreds of organizations and thousands of events engage hundreds of thousands of riders.  It’s a pretty cool system.

This time of year, many of us have our bikes put away.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t still RIDERS.

We’re still riders, bikers, or enthusiasts – whatever you’d like to call yourself; and more importantly we are all still BROTHERS and SISTERS.  We are still a riding community – bikes or not.

And this time of year we come together to help those in need and maybe make things a little brighter for others.  We say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or even Happy Festivus – or simply “Hello” to total strangers as we pass with a smile


I’d charge you all to make sure you take things a step further, though.  Please make an effort to make a difference.  Do something  to help a charity or serve those in need.  If you’re not sure of how or what, visit one of our designated charities RoadsOfHope.org.  Our brother, Dr. Joe Savage, is saving orphans in Moldava and war torn Ukraine.  Regardless of the politics and the billions in military equipment we are sending over – these kids could use some help.  Visit the website and maybe make a donation.  Even if it’s just $10 – you can help make a difference. 

That warm feeling you get inside, might just be the next best thing to riding this time of year! 😉

We hope that you enjoy this magazine, have a wonderful holiday seasons – and a Merry Christmas!


T. S. Roberts

Managing Editor


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