When it’s safe to do so – let’s Kick Start things with more Bike Nights and riding events!

As we contemplate reopening our economy and possibly salvaging our riding season, we have a few ideas that we believe will help support local businesses and regional events that support both the local economy and countless charitable causes.

Ohio has the third most registered motorcycles in the nation – with over 400,000 currently registered! 

As always, we can help Kick Start things when the time comes!

Thunder Roads Ohio Motorcycle Magazine is working to help facilitate an order allowing Bars, Restaurants, and other Ride Stops to host expanded outdoor beverage service as part of their regular business.  This would allow them to more easily and cost effectively host outdoor events such as charity rides and bike nights more safely outside, where there is more space and they can possibly accommodate more guests.

  • Permit holders would be allowed to designate an area in which alcoholic beverages would be allowed outside, possibly in the parking lot or other area that allows guests to safely congregate.
  • Restrictions on open container and transporting alcohol would still apply outside the designated area.

For locations not already having a liquor permit and utilizing charitable partners to offer beverage sales outside or as part of special events, we would ask that the state modify their guidelines to allow an expedited application process and lessen the fees associated with.  Due to the uncertainty of things at this time, the application process and fees associated with it are limiting event organizers and encouraging them to cancel programing well before they would really have to.

  • Currently an F-2 permit allows a nonprofit organization to sell beer, wine, and spirituous liquor onsite as part of a special event.  It requires a $150 application fee and must be filed 30 days before the date of the function.  Only one may be issued to an organization in any 30 day period.
  • We would propose that the standard application fee be reduced to $20 and the application deadline be reduced to 14 days.

We would propose these changes in an effort to help support local businesses and outdoor special events during these challenging times.  As we reopen and attempt to revive shuttered businesses and dormant communities, special consideration should be given to making it easier for them to conduct business in a safer, more efficient manner.

All of these changes would be subject to the Governor’s Order allowing such gatherings and the determination that such behaviors would be relatively safe for those participating.  These changes are NOT meant to encourage riding or driving under the influence or even encourage drinking in upon itself.  We believe, though, that holding such events outdoors would allow gatherings to be less risky and alcohol sales are a key component to making such efforts financially viable for those hosting.  

Thunder Roads Ohio and our national digital partner, ReasonsToRide.com will be working to gather signatures and support for the idea in order to KICK START the riding season – once we are given the green light to.  This is NOT a campaign to push re-opening, just to help support local businesses and regional events that could benefit from the changes proposed.  With your support, we will be working with State legislators and the appropriate State Agencies to help get things done!  

Please visit ThunderRoadsOhio.com or Thunder Roads Ohio on facebook to register your support for this effort.  If you’re a business owner or involved in a ride or special event that could benefit by this, you can also register for additional information and how you can help.  You’ll also get updates and more information on how the process works, once decisions are made.   

For more information, you can email Info@ThunderRoadsOhio.com or visit us online at ThunderRoadsOhio.com

To reach ABATE of Ohio, please contact Mike Stock, State Chairman, at MikeStock419@gmail.com

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