A Polished Turd


For most of the country, Spring is late arriving. Snow in the Midwest in April? Ugh! Unfortunately, the Annual Degradation of the Motorcycle Club Community is right on schedule. It has actually gotten worse, not better. For the past several years it was the Garage Boy Pop Up Clubs that have ordered their patches on the internet sewed them on their brand-new vests, jumped on their new bikes they’ve barely ever ridden on the freeway, and jumped from bike night to bike night playing made for TV bikers. But now, the newest trend is those that jump from club to club to club every three months. And these are recognized clubs that should know better.

If you follow any of the web site biker community social media or website reporting outlets, you will see this new trend. You have top officers from established MCs screwing up, being put out bad with their organizations, jumping to their own newly created MCs, dragging along a band of rejects from Diamond Nations, sewing on their own diamonds, and acting like it’s perfectly okay to do so. This should be your first indication as to why they are bad in their own nations to begin with. There is ZERO integrity in their actions. To add to the problem, they are so hungry for numbers, they literally will mail their patches to groups of rejects in other states who also couldn’t make it with any real MC, after jumping from patch to patch in other nations. The entire thing makes my head hurt. Have you ever talked to someone, or seen something that is so utterly stupid it actually makes you squint and whisper to yourself? WTF? These people are trying so hard to create something that if it isn’t just a natural act, will never be REAL. They are trying to manufacture “MC Brotherhood”, with a bunch of turds who proved they could never make it in a real established MC in the first place.

As most know, and I have said many times, I grew up around bike clubs. For those members, there was rarely a conscious effort to join an MC. Sure, there was a choice made to put on that prospect vest and endure an education that most men can’t handle, for the reward of being accepted into the “Family”. But in just living their natural lives, they found themselves in the company of brotherhood, and they craved the same. They didn’t join a club through the mail, get thrown out 2 months later, and take their motorcycle and go home to start their own MC. Even when you are in a real nationally recognized 50+ year old MC, there are few who can maintain the established requirements for decades. And these new “pop up” clubs will never keep it together to reach the same milestones as those who have come before them. Why you ask? First of all, they are being created with a membership that can’t align with established MC protocol in the first place. They also have no bond with most of their members. They are more worried about quantity than quality. They don’t care for one another. I mean, really love one another. They aren’t willing to DIE for each other. They will never last.

Let me be clear. I have no Issue with a guy who probates, and joins a real MC, not a cop club or poser MC, but a real established MC and then discovers it doesn’t align with his beliefs, and he leaves out good, and perhaps years later joins another established MC that is a better-suited fit. I’d be a hypocrite to say otherwise. But if you’re going to jump ship because you can’t follow rules and protocols of established MCs and polish up a bunch of turds in new patches, well… you end up with a bunch of polished turds, but they are still turds.


My Road Name is “Tabasco’, and I approve this message. Tabasco.tro@gmail.com

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