INKcarceration 2018

For fans of live music, tattoos, or old school prisons - this event has it all!

By Ted Hollywood Heckman

INKCARCERATION is a three-day Music, Camping and Tattoo festival that will play host to 70 live local and national recording artists on July 13th, 14th, and 15th, not to mention acclaimed tattoo artists from around the area.

If you haven’t heard, Shawshank Prison is completely different now that Red has been paroled. It will soon be invaded by Tattoo artists and bands like Sevendust, Fuel, Lit, Bush, Black Label Society, Rise Against, Living Colour and more. (For a complete line up and performance schedule go to

Not only does this event happening at the Old Mansfield Reformatory {100 Reformatory Road Mansfield, Ohio} promise to wow you with one of a kind band performances, it will also boast about your chance to get a tattoo from a local or regional tattoo artist while listening to your favorite band perform live.

Other Celebrity types may be seen around the prison walls including, Mistress Juliya from Fuse TV. Mistress Juliya will be interviewing all the artists for her TV show as well as judging the tattoo competitions in what she labels as a "rock n roll Disney World event". “It is an honor to work with INKCARCERATION Music and Tattoo Festival this year! This is a one of a kind event, bringing together some of the best bands and tattoo artists in the industry. For me and for the fans, this is a dream come true” states Mistress Juliya.

The summer concert event which includes three days of music and tattoos, is all set up in front of the famous haunted reformatory. The prison was made famous by movies like Tango and Cash and Shawshank Redemption. I was in the latter by the way. You are welcome {Laughs}.

What more could you ask for? Oh, and by the way in case you are hungry, there will be over 15 food trucks to serve your most animalistic desires. Not enough you say? Well like the late-night infomercials on TV say, "but wait there’s more."

HELLZAPOPPIN rock and roll circus sideshow is an additional event included in the price of admission. Named after one of the most successful Broadway musicals and movies from the late 30’s and 40’s, Hellzapoppin is a world renowned theatrical rock and roll circus stunt show! Some of the most death defying stunts in live entertainment will be performed in front of a live audience along with emphatic rock music. You will not want to miss out on this Ripley’s Believe it or Not type of entertainment.

Act now and you’ll also be able to tour the world famous and haunted prison on your own (self-guided tour takes about an hour and a half). Well actually it is included in your ticket price but following the late night infomercial protocol the next logical step would have been the act now portion.

So, what did we learn my rock n roll pets? Let’s recap shall we:

70 Rock bands, tons of tattoo artists, Fuse TV, a haunted and world-famous prison tour, food vendors and a freaky side show circus act, all in one incredible weekend just waiting for you. July 13th thru the 15th in Mansfield, Ohio.

Single day tickets as well as weekend passes are available. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime type of event all happening at the Mansfield Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio.

Thunder Roads Magazine will be bringing you an in-depth day to day review of this soon to be historic event, complete with band interviews, food reviews and tattoo photos. But why wait to read about it, when you can live it.

See ya there,
Ted Hollywood Heckman

Visit for all ticket options and more information.

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