Preparing for the season....

The Progressive International Motorcycle Show seems to ignite the itch to get back on our bikes and ride. We have gotten through the Christmas and New Years holidays and the first month of 2018 is in the books.

Many of you may have gotten new riding gear perhaps even a new bike and can't wait for the days to get longer and warmer.

For the racer this time of year is used to preparing for the upcoming season. Bikes are torn down. Every nut and bolt is examined. Things are fine tuned in hopes of getting that extra edge.

For some it's a trip south to get much needed seat time that those of us living in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York or Michigan won't get in these parts until May if we are lucky. Racers in this part of the country are at a disavantage. Racing is not just equipment. It's mental preparation as well. And the more you ride, the better you become.

FIM Superbike World Championship competition begins February 23-25, AMA Flat Track and the Daytona 200 are March 15-17 and MotoAmerica starts its season April 13-15 at Road Atlanta. Track days and club racing begin in April as well. All are an indication that riding for all of us is just around the corner.

In addition to this year's rallies and charity runs consider taking in some type of racing. Venues are everywhere in Ohio and nearby Pennsylvania.

Remember it's all about two wheels whether on the street or at the track.

As always ride safe,

Denise Kennedy

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