Do You Understand The Impact You have On Your Entire Club?

Why is it such a difficult mindset to understand that what you do reflects on the body of your entire club? Anyone who is in a multi-chapter Motorcycle Club needs to understand this. It simply amazes me that Clubs who hold national meetings to discuss protocols and rules at length still have members who completely and totally disregard their own protocols. I fully understand that MCs are made up of a multitude of personalities. Some are Egotistical, some are compliant, some even affable, and some are just down right A-holes. But even having said that, one would think that being a part of a large organization, one might heed the advice of their peers. Like employment. Everyone seems to understand that you can’t just do whatever you want at work and still be a part of that organization. Yet I see so many factions of the same large MCs who row their own boat when it comes to rules and protocols.

No matter how many times it’s discussed in the MC culture, some people just never learn. Does that make them a true “Something Percenter”? I mean we didn’t join a volunteer organization to abide by more rules than exists in society. Or does it just make them conceded when they don’t consider the good for all mind set? I’ve counseled with multiple MC members over the years regarding how their actions affect their own brothers, yet I still see some who completely disregard it. I know some members of original and large MCs who are no longer in their club because they were “too much” to deal with. It’s a catch 22 isn’t it?! How can you be the scourge of society yet be considered too much to handle in a notorious MC? Well, common sense plays a big part. Too bad it’s not very prevalent in the culture these days. If you do stupid stuff, it will reflect on every single member of your club. If you’re a jerk to guests at your clubhouse, they will stop coming. If you start $h!t with the local gang down in town over some dumb BS, one of your brothers might catch a pipe upside the head when he stops in town to get fuel wearing your same rags, totally unaware of the issue. If you go off on some old man or chick who cut you off when riding in traffic, you might get your brother riding beside you a couple of felonies if he’s riding dirty. Think about more than yourself before you act.

If your nation has set some guidelines, I assure you they exist for the preservation of your entire group, if not you specifically. Don’t put yourself before them. Your nation may like you, they may even love you, but they sure as hell don’t need you.

You know those old brothers that have been paving the way for the likes of you and me? The ones that have been in your nation for decades? If you are fortunate to get to spend some time with them, bend their ear, and learn from their mistakes as well as their triumphs, it will make you a better club brother. If you look into their faces and don’t see your reflection in their actions, you are the problem.

Keep it REAL!
My Road Name is Tabasco, and I approve this message.

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