A Look At Rider Safety

Ride S.M.A.R.T and Stay Safe!

Hi Friends,
When you read this May will be history. It was a busy month starting with the Awareness Rally, ending with Ohio Bike Week, and several events in between. It’s a great way to get the summer started and it looks like we are riding safer. In 2017 by this time we had 651 crashes with 18 fatalities and this year to date we have had 288 crashes with 4 fatalities. Tell your friends to help others to ride safe and you may just save a life.

Many will remember “Ride SMART” so let’s review the meaning;

  • S – Ride “SOBER” Please don’t drink and ride as it never ends well.
  • M – Ride “MOTORCYCLE ENDORSED” If you have been riding on a temporary and just get a new one every year please contact Motorcycle Ohio it only costs $50.00 to get endorsed. Get Endorsed
  • A – Ride “ALERT” Don’t ride tired and always scan ahead at least 10 and 15 seconds.
  • R – Ride with the “RIGHT GEAR” Always take rain gear, proper eye protection, gloves and boots that cover your ankles. Know the laws of the states you are riding in.
  • T – Ride “TRAINED” If you have never taken a rider’s course you will learn something and if you have taken one in the past, go back and take a refresher course.

If we all pass this message “Ride Smart” around it will be safer. Talk to your riding friends and know who you are riding with. The ride is only as safe as the least experienced rider.

I have been asked to participate in a training program for driver’s education instructors. The driver’s education program is coming back, so maybe the internet was not the answer. They do feel that a motorcyclist can make an impression on a new driver to be aware of motorcycles. In the near future we may need some help with spending an hour to talk to new drivers about Motorcycle Awareness.

Now for taking care of your motorcycle. Service should be done as per your owner manual. Everyone should do a pre-ride inspection by looking for fluid under or on your bike, checking for low tires, see if all the lights are working and check how much gas you have. Every week you should check the tire air pressure, check that all the controls are adjusted and working smoothly, check all fluid levels and get down and look around for lost or worn parts.

Trip time (not that kind of trip but a bike trip) for me is a two or three-day weekend trip. You can have a great time riding along the shores of Lake Erie. Stop and pick up a brochure that shows where to get great food, taste some Great Lakes wine and just stop along the way to take in the sites. If time allows go to Cedar Point, Put n Bay and Geneva on the Lake. Ohio is a great place to ride and you don’t have to be gone for weeks.

If you don’t have your Look Twice Save a Life sign in your yard, get it out of the garage now. If you don’t have one, get one. They are only $10.00. Call the state office, go online or contact your Region Director. It does help!!

Ride With In Your Limits
Mike Stock

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