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Proper Protocols When Your Club Visits Another Clubhouse

It was suggested I re-visit a topic. It’s the time of year that some of you clubs might be getting your invitations to attend some parties at your local Dominant’s Club. You might even be invited to ride with them to other parties and events. Have you schooled your people on proper protocols when visiting another clubs house? It’s worth a conversation.

First and foremost, the old saying “This ain’t the place to learn you can’t handle your liquor” is probably the most important guideline. No matter how well you are treated, this ain’t your house. Never get too comfortable. Your people should act like gracious guests. Don’t ever stay your welcome but be inclusive. So many times, I’ve seen smaller clubs come into a party, and then just huddle together at picnic tables with their own people. Really, why didn’t you just stay at your own clubhouse if you came to hang out with your own crew? I know many club members from houses from Michigan to Florida, and all points in between. It’s because when I attend a different clubs events, I go sit at the bar or at tables with clubs and/or people I’ve never met. We obviously have things in common. It’s not difficult to strike up a conversation. Get some business cards made for your club if you don’t have any. Blank backs that members can write their name on. It goes a long way toward making new friends, and potentially new faces at your own parties.

Another suggestion is to heed the signs you see hanging in their clubhouses. Many post “No Cell Phones – No Cameras – No Weapons”. Pay attention and follow their rules if you have not been given permission. If you have questions, find the person who invited you and ask for clarification. For example, I have a CCW. I won’t even go to the 7-11 to buy a pack of smokes without my weapon in this day and age. But some clubhouses that I visit for other clubs have signs up. I will speak to their leadership ahead of time. If they have a problem with me having my weapon, then we aren’t really friends, are we? And I have no business in their house. If they don’t trust me, then don’t invite me. But that’s my choice. If you know the rules, and decide to go, follow their rules, or don’t go.

Don’t post other clubs business on social media, ever! I’ve seen some citizens or other club members post “Going to the “so & so” fish fry this weekend.” I’ve even seen one total moron post “We’ve been invited for a sit down with so & so club, all club members meet at the Speedway gas station on Main St at 5pm to ride over”. This is a clear indication that this idiot doesn’t need invited to any club’s private place. He doesn’t possess the common sense to follow MC Club Protocol. In fact, he shouldn’t be leading any club whatsoever. Let’s steal a movie line phrase. “The first rule about MC Club, is we don’t talk about MC Club!”

Enjoy your summer. Count yourself fortunate to receive your “Golden Ticket” to an established clubs party or ride. In my opinion, there’s no better or more fun place to be, but mind your manners!

Keep it REAL!
My Road Name is Tabasco, and I approve this message.

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