What's In Your Bucket?

A Look Into Our Lives, Goals and Our Faith

A few weeks back we had a musical group at our church. I’m sorry I do not remember their name, but they did an excellent job of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ the song. One thing they had was tee shirts for sale with 2 statements on the front of them. The first statement was, “There’s a time to stand!” and beside it was an image of the American Flag. Any Veteran or any patriotic American would understand what that statement “There’s a time to stand!” would mean.

I was reminded as we go through life we each seem to carry a bucket with us. Some are shiny and probably made of stainless steel, some are probably just plastic 5-gallon buckets, but mine, unlike yours, is probably just a rusty old steel bucket.

As we go through life we tend to put things in our buckets. Things like our ideas, intentions, desires, things we want to accomplish or do, our family, and so on. Often times we will pick up that bucket and pull out one of those things we have stuffed into our bucket. Then we will try our best to accomplish whatever it is and many times we fail miserably.

I have also noticed that once we get married, we now have 3 buckets. In my case there’s Becky’s bucket, my bucket and our bucket. There are some things I want to do that Becky really isn’t all that interested in, like riding my bike to Alaska and even on up to the Artic Circle. Becky on the other hand has things in her bucket that I’m really not interested in doing. However, in our bucket there are things we both want to do. Point in case, 2 years ago we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary and we have talked many times about riding Route 66 from one end to the other. Well, we would reach into our bucket and pull that ride out and discuss it but then put it back into our bucket for one reason or another. Finally, one day when we had that trip out of our bucket I called and booked her a flight from Columbus to LA X Airport, one way. That started the ball rolling. In the end I rode my bike to LA in 3 days. She flew out and I picked her up on the bike at LA X Airport. We drove over to the Santa Monica Pier and started our ride of Route 66 back to Chicago. A trip neither of us will forget nor the sights we saw.

There is one thing we all put into our bucket during our lives. That is this question, what will you do about Jesus in your life? Some will pull that question out often and look it over, others will seldom pull it out and look it over, but both will respond in the same way. They just dropping it back into their bucket. Others will pull that question out and respond, then and there, asking Jesus to come into their lives, knowing they do not deserve such a friend as Jesus but recognize their need for Him right now. These people do not put that question back into their bucket because they have recognized what needed to be done.

So, let me ask, what’s in your bucket? If the question, “What will you do about Jesus in your life?” is still inside that bucket I challenge you to pull it out right now and ask Jesus into your life. 1 John 1:9, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” NASB Won’t you trust Him today?

GR (Jerry) Niver
CMA Ohio State Coordinator

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