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“So, I looked up and saw the flashes of lightning shoot across the sky. The fascinating fingers of electricity caught my eye every few seconds it seemed. The brighter they flashed, the harder I hit the throttle because I knew there wasn’t time to waste, I had to beat that storm or be a drenched rat by the time I got home!”

How many times have we been in this place? Caught up in the middle of a storm with nothing to do but ride right on through it? So much like life itself, isn’t it? There’s a strange kind of excitement about storms though. An exhilaration that just gets your heart thumping and your adrenalin flowing and challenges you to push harder to beat it regardless of how tough it gets. Crazy but it’s what keeps us fighting to survive.

I have to ask though…how many of us would actually go out if we knew the storm was coming? How many times do we get ready to roll and we pop up the phones and look to see what the weather is going to be like? Yep…guilty. Except, we don’t stay home…we just choose a different mode of transportation. You see sometimes, regardless of what it looks like, you still have to face the storm. Is it going to be pleasant? No. Is it going to be comfortable? No. Will you be able to get through it? Well that depends on who you trust through the storm.

I know a guy…He went through a major storm. Knew he was going to go through it too. As a matter of fact, he told all of his brothers about it. He told them he was going to be betrayed, mocked, beaten up, whipped, and killed, but after three days he will rise again. Yes, you guessed right. I am talking about Jesus. That is found in the book of Mark chapter 10. You see even Jesus knew long before it was time that he was going to go through all that he did and yet he still went to Jerusalem, and he still followed through the storm just for you and me.

What’s on the other side of your storm? What is motivating you to push through to get to the other side of it and survive? I can tell you what it is for me…you and many others just like you. It’s my family and my friends, neighbors and strangers. Why? Because we all need each other! And if we cannot stand through the storm, how are we going to help someone else through their storm?

So, my story at the beginning may end like this…“As I continued in my fury to beat the storm, I came upon another rider on the side of the road, ‘Aw man…,’ I thought, ‘I don’t want to stop, I want to beat this storm!’ I stopped. ‘What’s the problem?’ One look in her face let me know she was a novice rider and I said, ‘Look, where are you headed?’ Her destination was close to mine so I said, ‘Stick close to me and we will ride this out together, just focus on the road, not the lightning.’ She nodded and off we went. We only had a few more miles to go, but it seemed like a hundred. I dropped her off. She thanked me for stopping and proceeded to try to apologize…’no need. We all start somewhere, and the Lord knew what you needed.’ I made it home…dry and thankful. And then the rain came down…”

Jesus always knows what is needed…He sees our storms way ahead of us. He won’t intervene unless we ask, He will stop and check on us, but if we don’t follow, He won’t force us. It’s your choice. We are out here for you all…

As always….Novice or not…Mary G.

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