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Abate – December 2019

Hi Friends,

First, I would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It is that time of the year to hold your loved ones close and have great family time. As a young person Christmas is a time where you get presents but as you get older, it is a time to visit friends and enjoy good times. In the biker world respect and friendship is what we live for. “CHEERS”

It is November as I write this article and the riding season has slowed down, so I hate to give you bad news. In 2019, 3318 crashes and 147 fatalities vs 2018’s 3250 crashes and 140 fatalities. Alcohol related 2019: 293 crashes and 56 fatalities vs 2018: 285 crashes and 54 fatalities. Distracted related 2019: 46 crashes and 1 fatalities vs 2018: 64 crashes and 4 fatalities. Deer related 2019: 140 crashes and 3 fatalities vs 2018: 127 crashes and 3 fatalities. We started the year out on low numbers but as the year went on it just keep getting worse.  I think it is from more miles traveled and more riders than we have ever had and that we have so many untrained riders. In January I will report on 3 wheeled, out of state, passengers and nontrained vs trained. 

Now I have some great news to pass on. Motorcycle Ohio has been without a coordinator for some time but now we have a new leader. Michelle Piko has been doing her previous job and taking care of the coordinator’s job. Now she has been named Statewide Coordinator for the Motorcycle Ohio program. Michelle and ABATE of Ohio have been working together and she has always been there when we need something. Michelle, you are a great asset to Motorcycle Ohio, and I hope we can continue to work together for years to come.

As many of you know it is illegal to plug both ears, including ear buds, while riding or driving a vehicle. This is an old law and was made so that we can hear what is going on while we are driving and riding. We have proven that we need to protect our ears from the wind and with proper ear plugs, we can still hear. In Ohio, HB 129 is our ear plug bill. This bill would allow riders to plug both ears to protect their hearing. It has passed the House and is now waiting to be passed in the Senate. Call your State Senator and help this along.

The next big event in ABATE is the 2020 State Seminar Information Workshop and Awards Banquet. This seminar will cover our Legislative Agenda, Safety and Awareness and what ABATE of Ohio, Inc. is all about. It’s a great place to decide if you want to be a member. The 2020 seminar is open to the public and all the seminar information can be found at ABATE.com. You will find a pre-registration form and motel information. This is a great time to get involved in keeping our freedom because as we know, freedom is not free. If you need any assistance, contact me or the state office at 614-319-3644.

As with any organization, members are our biggest asset. If you are a member and have any kind of issue please contact the state office at 614-319-3644. We are not perfect, but we will do our best to fix your problem. Membership for 2020 is $20, the same as last year and you get a free bike raffle ticket with your membership and a free $3,500.00 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance policy. Not to mention you will be a member of the Greatest Group of Freedom Fighters in this Great State of Ohio.

Mike Stock

Chairman of the Board, ABATE of Ohio, Inc.



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