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Abate March 2021

Hi Friends,

As I start every article is with bad news that being stats it is not that bad, but we have not been riding much. In 2020 we had a mild start to year, so we got out early. At this point in 2020, we had 63 crashes and 2 fatalities.  So far in 2021 we have 21 crashes and 2 fatalities.  So, with 1/3 the crashes we still have 2 fatalities. I just hope we come out and behave because we do not need another bad year. With the Covid and all the slow down we had a total of 3966 crashes and 205 fatalities, back in 2019 we had 3582 crashes and 156 fatalities. Please everyone Ride SMART!!

Something that I think everyone should have chance to read is part of Kirt “Hardtail” Willard article from the last Motorcycle Riders Foundations Newsletter. To quote.


Before you think I’ve lost my mind I suggest you keep reading. Just this month the MRF reported on what our friends in Europe are battling. There is concern within the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations that the bureaucrats and regulators will try to include motorcycles in emerging end of life directives meaning at some pre-determined time they must be surrendered and destroyed. Will it be age, miles, inability to pass an emissions or safety test; regardless of the methodology people would face losing an old motorcycle and any parts they have accumulated for future projects. The social engineering for this initiative began in the United States a decade ago under the program known as cash for clunkers, doesn’t seem too benign now does it.      

What about one of the more recent massive federal highway bills not having the word motorcycle or motorcyclist in it one time amongst hundreds of pages. In my home state when discussing Autonomous Vehicles, we saw pedestrians and bicycles prominently mentioned, when we asked about motorcycling, we heard it was secondary, an afterthought, or not considered at all. I know this has happened in other states as well. I cannot be the only one alarmed at the fact that motorcycles, motorcycling, and motorcyclists are systematically being eliminated from both the future traffic pattern and in designers’ thoughts.

During the recent political campaigns if you were paying attention you heard a prominent candidate say they would look to eliminate fossil fuel and significantly reduce our dependency on it. At the same time, you have a very large state furthering a goal to eliminate combustion vehicles within three decades in favor or electricity and other alternate fuels. Keep in mind this is a state that fairly consistently sees blackouts due insufficient power available at only a mere fraction of their stated goals.

And just this week I read a serious article where politicians and bureaucrats in a Province in Canada was suggesting combustion vehicles be eliminated in their Province within two decades. They even included snowmobiles on their list, and yes there are electric snowmobiles available. The article was covered by the recreational community figuring they could defeat the ban on their vehicles, so what, imagine the cost and availability of gas if cars and other vehicles aren’t allowed to use it.

Now if that does not bring to the edge of your chair then I do not know what will. Some of the things that we are watching are; Helmet Laws, Definition of a motorcycle, any of the highway bills, Profiling, E15 fuel, and many more. Please stay tune for more every month.

Spring is almost here and when you come out PLEASE be careful out there and ride Safe and be Safe.

                                                                                                                Mike Stock

 Chairman of the Board

ABATE of Ohio, Inc.



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