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Abate – May 2020

Hi Friends,

What will the rest of this year bring? That is the big question that no one can answer. We have had to postpone and cancel everything in April and now we’re waiting on May to see if we can do anything but stay-at-home. Many of us are out riding with no place to go and when we get there, it’s time to turn around and go home. 

Even with the slow down and limited miles we are making statistics that should be lower than they are.  In 2020 we have 246 crashes with 10 fatalities and 61 serious injuries.  In 2019 at this same time there were 291 crashes with 14 fatalities and 72 serious injuries.  I feel that 2020 should be a lot less with the stay at home policy. The issue of speed is higher this year than last. What’s up with that? We should be enjoying that ride. It’s the single vehicle crashes that need to stop. Let’s stop killing and injuring ourselves.

I know many of you are on social media and some are not. The thing that just gets me are the videos of a large group of bikes doing wheelies and riding crazy. Back in the day we had a very bad image in the non-riding community, and we have worked hard at getting this image behind us. We need to stop riding like this, and we need to quit posting and sharing these videos on social media. This just makes a lot of hard work doing charity runs and helping do good work go to hell. Enough said!

A lot of issues have been pushed aside but one thing that we need to keep in front of everyone is distracted driving and riding. If you are doing anything other than driving or riding, you are distracted. Using your phone in any way, eating, drinking and even talking (especially arguing) is a distraction. You should see how many tickets are written and how many crash reports show distraction as part of the problem and you would agree it needs to get better.

Motorcycle Ohio is planning on starting training classes on the 2nd of May. Please check in with them before showing up. If you are planning on taking a course this summer, get signed up now so when they go back to work you can get in. Contact info for MO is 800-83-RIDER and motorcycle.ohio.gov or if you need help, call me. 

One of the hardest things I had to do was cancel the Motorcycle Awareness Rally. We will be back next year on the first Saturday in May 2021 and that will be on May the 1st. We need to keep getting the word out to “Look Twice and Save a Life”, “Motorcycles Are Everywhere”. We need to keep educating motorists that we are a part of everyday travel. If anyone needs signs, banners and magnets please call. I will ship you what you need.

Everyone please Be Safe until we get this virus under control. Ride Responsible, Be Responsible and Take Responsibility. It is up to all of us. 

Mike Sock

Chairman of the Board

ABATE of Ohio, inc.



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