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Hi to All My Friends, 

This is the end of the 2019 riding season and I hope everyone had a great year. The start of the year was a little wet and some of our events had to be cancelled. As we all know, the weather is what makes or breaks these events. Every event has made a little money and that is what keeps this grass roots organization moving on and representing every motorcyclist in Ohio.

We all are aware that our goal is to make sure that everyone knows to “Look Twice and Save a Life” and “Look out for Motorcycles”. We have these saying on billboards, yard signs, bumper magnets and shirts because our goal is to promote Safety and Awareness. We must be doing a good job because our stats are down again this year. 2018 crashes were 3071 to date and 2019 crashes – 2072. Fatalities dropped from 130 in 2018 to 123 In 2019. Thank you to our motorcycle riders for riding safe and to all the motorists for slowing down and taking that second look.

In my area the local motorcycle dealers have been selling a lot of bikes here lately, and I will bet it’s because of all the great prices on last year’s models. So, you say, what is Mike getting at? To me that means probably a lot of new riders and untrained riders. If you talk to them as an experienced and endorsed rider, make sure they are properly trained at Motorcycle Ohio. When you read this, Motorcycle Ohio should be done with training, but registration will start in February 2020.

 I set up an information booth at BP Husky Refinery in Toledo, and Kolman and I set up at Worthington Industries in Columbus. These are both safety fairs with all their employees coming through. We go there to talk about Motorcycle Safety and Awareness. Most conversations tend to go into distracted driving, motorcycle riding habits, how to get trained and why we do what we do. It is good that some of us are retired since these events happen on weekdays. If you hear of a company that has events like this let me know and I’ll try to get it set up so that we are represented there.

The AMA hosts two bike nights a year. I attended the last one for 2019 and had a very nice time. The entertainment was good, and they had a lot of entries in the bike show. Kolman set up with his “booth on a bike” display. You need to see how you can ride your bike to a bike night and set a great display up. Thank you Kolman.

ABATE of Ohio, State Seminar 2020, Information Workshop & Awards Banquet, is January 31 – February 1, 2020. Put this in your 2020 calendar to attend. It is how our members get to know each other and learn how ABATE works for you. The entire Board of Directors is there so you can meet them and get answers to questions that you just can’t do over the phone or internet. To get a motel deal you need to reserve early by calling 614-790-9000. Make sure you are talking to the registrations desk at Embassy Suites Dublin and use code ABA for the discounted rate. The cutoff date is January 10th for the discount, but they do not charge your credit card until the day of the event. New this year, if you just want to do the seminar on Saturday with no banquet, it is only $10.00. The seminar with the banquet is $30.00. Friday evening there is a meet and greet and fund raising for the ABATE PAC that is free to attend. If you are staying at the hotel for the weekend, check in Friday and the FREE Manager’s Happy Hour starts at 5pm. The Happy Hour is available Saturday evening also and breakfast is free Sat/Sun for those who stay at the hotel. If you would like to pre-register for the seminar or if you have any questions call the ABATE office at 614-319-3644.

Ride with in you limits,

Mike Stock

Chairman of the Board



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