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New QR codes provide easy links with your smartphones.
One of our goals the last several years has been to make our magazines more interactive for our readers and integrate more digital aspects into our print pieces. This is more than simply a marketing thing or appeal to younger generations. The idea is to create an easy means of accessing the videos, photos, means of ordering and simply more information that we have stored online. We have an amazing website, and new content is being added almost every day. Our social media pages are a great resource and forum for discussion for over 200,000 riders and motorcycle enthusiasts. For years, we’ve included invitations for everyone to “follow us on facebook”, “visit us online”, or simply “check out our website” in order to access our digital aspect. Now, though, we are going to make this even easier through the use of QR codes.

A QR code is that black and white image – usually a square – made up of black square, dots and white spaces, that you’ve seen on packages and marketing materials for years. Essentially they work the same way as a barcode at a supermarket. It is a machine-scannable image that can instantly take you to a website or provide you more information on your smartphone. It’s not only EASIER than typing in a lengthy link or website address – your phone doesn’t store the information to your search history.
Most current smartphone operating systems have QR code scanners built into the camera app, so you simply have to point the camera at the QR code and let the phone scan it. In most cases a notification will appear that you simply have to tap in order to open. And instantly – you can access the information!

We have created, featured, and printed a lot of cool stuff over the years – and the vast majority of it is all easily accessible online. With a QR Code, it’s now even easier to go directly to the page or location online that has what you’re looking for.
So, grab your smartphone and scan some of the QR codes to access even MORE Thunder Roads!

Thunder Roads Ohio Offers EXPANDED ON-LINE Ride Registration and Ticket Sales
Powered by ReasonsToRide.com
ReasonsToRide.com (RtR) and Thunder Roads Ohio is now offering the ability to include RIDER REGISTRATION as part of your online event listings and magazine ads. This allows riders to simply and easily sign up for your event without ever leaving the website – and without having to register on-site the day of the event.
Pre-registration allows you to more accurately plan for your event by having a listing of participants already committed and invested in it. Pre-registration also helps protect your ride from cloudy days that might also have people staying home, but will choose to still come out since they are already pre-paid.

RtR is also able to offer RIDE SHIRTS and PATCHES as part of the process as well. Shirts are a great way to promote your event and offer more value to those participating. With advance sales and riders indicating what size shirts they need – you’ll also avoid having to invest in unwanted shirts. You’ll have exactly what you need.
RtR can also help develop graphics and promotional materials – including posters and cards to professionally represent your ride. This helps with sponsorships and encourages ride participation.
PRO TIP: You can add QR codes to your posters and event ads that take riders directly to YOUR unique registration page through Thunder Roads – even on the day of the event!

You can also create signs with these QR codes to display on-site the day of the event. For Iron Pony’s RIDE FOR THE RHINOS – event organizers were able to use display stands with the QR codes and easy instructions for riders to register online even on the morning of the ride. This expedited the process incredibly and allowed well over 1,000 participants to easily check-in with possibly half as many volunteers involved.

Thunder Roads Ohio would like to recognize AKRON BIKERS FOR BOOBS for once again raising the bar and achieving so much for their charity – Stewart’s Caring Place. The Rubber City Harley-Davidson HOG Chapter led by Amy and David Hunting raised $60,000 this year, the most they have ever raised – despite all of the unique challenges faced. Amy and David live and breathe this event and have such an unbelievable passion for the cause – it’s truly amazing.

We also need to recognize Mike and Francine Davis, the owners of Rubber City Harley-Davidson and the Ohio Motorcycle Group, for not only hosting the event but actively supporting it both financially and with their own time and efforts. Kudos!
Stewart’s Caring Place offers supportive services and programs, in a relaxed and caring environment, to individuals and families impacted by cancer – at no cost to them. You can discover more at StweartsCaringPlace.org

We are looking for Feature Editors to focus on particular areas of interest that we feature in the magazine and online.
Vintage Motorcycles Adventure Bikes
Motocross Firearms
Motorcycle Safety / Training Cigars
Long Distance Riding Ohio Craft Beer and Micro-Breweries
And Veterans Affairs aka “Service Notes”
If you have a passion for any of these areas, we’d love to hear from you. This is a great chance to share your thoughts and explore more of an area – with the strength of TRO behind you. You’ll have expanded opportunities within the industry and amongst those that share your interest as you represent over 250,000 readers every month!

These are not directly compensated positions in terms of salary; however, you are able to make money as you develop various aspects within the magazine or online. So, if you wanted to make a job out of it – you could. Or you could just keep it as a hobby and use the position to share your interest with others. Either way, if you’re able to use a computer and have reasonable online skills, we’d love to hear from you. Just email us at ThunderRoadsOhio@gmail.com


Plans are underway for 2022 and expectations are SKY HIGH!

We would encourage everyone to email us with their event information and dates as soon as possible, especially if you’d like us there. We are excited to announce a RE-VAMPED Bike Show program w/ new SPONSORS and even MORE PRIZES / TROPHIES! We are also doing more HOT ROD / CUSTOM CAR / BIKE SHOWS as well – with new partners on board! We are looking to host more of these shows in combination with RACING events and RALLIES all across the MIDWEST. We will also be hosting more TATTOO CONTESTS and MORE PHOTO OPS’ at Bike Nights and other stops in Ohio and surrounding states.

For a limited time, special COUNTDOWN to 2022 RATES are now being offered on events and even print / digital ads for next year for as little as HALF THE STANDARD PRICE. before they go up in 2021. Email Events@ReasonsToRide.com for more information.

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