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Ahh…November… – CMA November

The way the sun shines on the trees really brings out the colors this time of year! It is like God is smiling on us, letting us know that everything will turn out just as it is supposed to. We have all had our fill of changes here lately, but not all change is bad. Every season has its perks. All we need to do is look for the good in every season we are in.

Before I go any further into this article, I just want to say thank you to all the Veterans. Thank you for giving up your freedom to give us ours. You set aside your lives for a season, some gave their lives for eternity, all were affected and effective when called into action, regardless of how some wars went down. And when I see you still standing tall, whether on two feet or four wheels, saluting our Nation’s flag with the dignity and honor she deserves, it brings tears to my eyes. The scars are still there, though the wounds have healed and there are many of you who would stand and fight again if you were called to do it. Why? Because you love this Country, and you represent everything the Flag stands for and we are so proud of you. God is pleased with your willingness to step into the unknown and your reward will be as good as your heart is pure. Again, thank you. It seems so small on paper, but it is huge in my heart.

So here we are, in yet another season and I cannot tell you enough how much we missed being with you through the summer months! So now what are we going to do? Are we going to wait until Spring to arrive while we bury ourselves in our homes and hibernate like the bears do? Heaven’s no!! We’re going to get out and find places to go and people to see! It’s a great time to hit the road and find new adventures! The sun is still shining and there are so many roads and trails to find!

Although these March through October months of 2020 have been quite interesting, they have still been enlightening! I found out that I actually can sit still for a short time! I also found out that Zoom is an awesome tool for connecting face to face! I found that a hug is way more valuable than a handshake, (or elbow bump). I found that people really do like to mingle with other people! We have missed each other because we need each other! God made us to be a family! He made us all different so that we wouldn’t be confused about who we are! It’s an amazing concept….red and yellow, black and white, we are precious in His sight…family. See? There is good in every season! I hope your seasons of change have been good, and I pray that you will find prosperity in the coming days and months. For all who have struggled and are still struggling through, hold on, for the daylight is coming and you will be out of this soon. For those who have suffered loss of any kind, may you be granted the peace that will see you through the rest of the journey. For those who are dealing with illness of any kind, remember that Jesus came to save AND heal in every area of your life. And for those who have just lost your way…there is a path to follow that will bring you into a place of rest.

I hope these articles help you in some way, I pray that you are uplifted and encouraged by the words given to me through the Holy Spirit. Don’t give up….you are just ten feet from the top of the mountain!

Better ways and Happy Days!

I salute you!

Mary G.

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