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To Ride or not to Ride?

What?  Well, you know a lot has changed within the last 30 days.  Who would have thought we would not be “allowed” to eat at restaurants, bars, or attend our favorite social event?  I know my social calendar has changed and I’m sure yours has too. Thankfully, there have been a few days that tempted us to unplug our battery tenders and make our presence on the road.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t change what is at hand but we all can do our part to make the best of an inconvenient situation. 

In March we experienced major bike events cancelling as well as smaller groups who scheduled meet ups to plan their ride calendar.  All have been put on hold, cancelled or rescheduled. I personally, still have my airline ticket and room reservation to fly to Arizona on April 7.  Arizona Spyder Ryders organized a 4 day ride near Globe, Arizona, 85 miles east of Phoenix for an epic ride including the famous Devils Highway, Highway 191 with 10-15 mph curves, and ride through the hippy community of Dripping Springs where Jerry Garcia and the Rainbow Children would go there in the winter and work the gardens. The last ride day includes the shore lines along Lake Roosevelt.  I’m going to hold off as long as I can before I would cancel, but it sounds like the perfect remedy for “cabin fever”. Staying positive, I believe this will pass. There are still many good days ahead. Perhaps the best days in our life have not even taken place yet! I like that thought! So, knowing that our season is right around the corner, I want to highlight an upcoming ride held annually in Medina. 

Ride Against Hunger ~ Saturday, May 16, 2020


Ride Against Hunger ride has been taking place since 2014.  Cups Café director, Tim Van Arsdale, also a motorcycle enthusiast, operates the non-profit organization existing primarily to freely feed the hungry.  Statistics show the 1 in 5 children in Medina County do not have sufficient means to eat a daily meal. Meals are made free thru the donations of local restaurants and volunteers. Registration is $20 for a single rider plus 1 can of Campbells soup. For more information, visit www.cupscafe.org

What is the AMA saying about COVID-19?

As we continue to follow our personal news resources that affect our livelihoods, COVID-19 also has an effect on our hobbies.  I looked on the American Motorcyclist Association website and they quote…

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — Due to the presence in the United States of COVID-19, an infectious strain of the coronavirus, and governors across the country issuing restrictions on large events and public gatherings, the American Motorcyclist Association strongly encourages AMA-chartered organizers to comply with all restrictions imposed by federal, state and local authorities affecting all applicable AMA-sanctioned activity.

Do we have a benefit?  I say yes! We are told to social distance.  We can do that. We have the open road! We can still give a wave and don’t have to shake hands.  Our hands are off of our face and on the handlebars. We can be in groups of 10 or less and we know to keep our distance.  Full face helmets are the best protectors, but what about the gas pumps, using public restrooms and handling cash. Sound extreme?  Maybe to some, but, using common sense could be our best defender. I may suggest one thing though… you may want to bring your own roll of toilet paper!

Don’t count the wheels, just enjoy the ride!

Spyder Lilly Luvee

La Vonne  De Bois

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