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Amish Rider – August

The Adventure Continues…

We all have annual events we look forward to.  Weddings, reunions, birthdays, etc.  They offer us opportunities to continue building on relationships, memories and adventures.  Once we find those experiences, we want to start planning again for a future get together.  This year, event planning has not been as easy as 1,2,3.  Some events require advanced planning in order to secure contracts and place deposits.  We trust that everything will work out “as planned” and for many years they may have.  This year, planning any event has been anything but easy, and in many ways, the best laid plans have had to be cancelled.  I always say, when there is a will, there is a way. 

I, myself, after 31 years of offering backroad tours for visitors to Ohio‘s Amish Country, had to put my creative thoughts to work.  In the middle of June, I was sitting in the driveway of a friend’s home talking on the phone, when an Ice Cream Truck drove right in front of me.  Ironically, that “truck” happened to be a Mercedes Van Sprinter; the same model of van I used for years as a tour guide.  It was then, the light came on and I immediately started looking into converting my passenger van into an Ice Cream van.  For me, it was finding a way to use what I already had and making the best of my resources.  That’s what our feature story is about.  Let’s see how the committee of the Ladies Adventure Weekend has dealt with the challenges of a popular huge event.

Go LAWless…

One such local event in NE Ohio is the annual Ladies Adventure Weekend, a.k.a. LAW.  Hosted by Adventure Harley-Davidson and the Tuscarawas County Ladies of Harley, it began as a way to unite lady riders who were engaging in the sport of motorcycling.  Ladies are welcome to register and ride any make, model or even drive their car as they unite with lady riders from all over the US.

The planning that takes place is a huge undertaking.  Once the event concludes, it’s back at the drawing board to start planning again for the coming year.  Each year there is a theme and the anticipation builds until the day the theme is announced.  Nearly 400 lady riders registered at last year’s event.

Despite the changes due to COVID, the annual event is still taking place with some necessary changes to comply with the health regulations.  At this time, 325 have pre-registered with registrations still being taken up until September 1. 

Be A Bandit…

The theme this year is “LAWless.”  Originally slated to be named “Americana”, the reality of this year’s changes, I feel, was appropriately renamed.  The event will be held September 10, 11, 12 at Adventure Harley-Davidson; 1465 SR 39 NW Dover, Ohio.  Itineraries include various led ride routes such as “Cruising the Lakes Watershed Ride,”  “Ready, Set, Go-carting,” “Frankly, I don’t give a dam,”  “Cruisin’, Curves and Comradery,” just to name a few.   

The rides are designed to give every rider options accordingly to their preferences; i.e.  long day rides, vs shorter rides, high way vs. back roads, etc. 

Thursday night is the kickoff event at HOG Heaven on West High Ave.  The entire outdoor patio will be reserved for the pre-LAW party.  The ladies will receive a discounted coupon on their food selection along with music provided thru Hog Heaven.

There are 13 rides on Friday and Saturday with one car ride on Saturday.

The Friday evening festivities will include a food truck rally outside on the A.H.D. riding academy course.

Saturday evening will allow the ladies to choose from local restaurants and gather with friends, both new and old.

If you have never attended a LAW event, this is certainly one to consider.

For more information, visit or register at www.ohiohd.com

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