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Amish Rider July 2020

Hello friends of TRO!  I hope this finds you doing well.  As I scroll through my Facebook feed, I am seeing several local biker friendly establishments making big improvements in order to accommodate patrons.  I, for one, have made an effort to “show up” and show support.   Biker traffic has dramatically increased, which is fantastic!  I’ve observed an increase of group riders this month vs. solo riders.  Getting out and about to ride with others has been especially enjoyable and therapeutic.  Check out our own Reasons to Ride facebook page for up-to-date events, changes, features and blogs.  Get out and ride!

Getting lost on purpose…

So, I had a first this month. It was called a fugawi ride.  Normally, when a ride is planned, we know in advance the details, destination, lead and sweep.  This particular ride was on Father’s Day.  No specific details were announced. I happen to be a member of this particular riding group, so I attended with slight hesitation, but curious of how this works.  Now, you may ask, what is a fugawi ride?

Let’s just say, use your imagination.  You are on a ride and the route takes you turn by turn not knowing where you are.  You may ask yourself, where the “fug are we?”  Now, you know what a fugawi ride is.

Since we had 5 hours to execute the fugawi ride, each rider was allotted a certain amount of time.  When the time was up, a signal was given for the next rider to take the lead.  I was the fourth one in line and was the only Spyder.  For a short time, the third lead did have me asking that same question, but eventually his route took us to SR 226 toward Shreve.  As I gave a sigh of relief, It became for me, a familiar ride, but I learned others on the ride where pleasantly surprised at all the beauty and countryside in Ohio’s Amish Country; an area they have not been familiar with.  I would say, it was a successful fugawi ride!

A Successful Rally…

June marked the month of rallies.  June 17 – 20 was the 5th Annual Spyder Rally in Zanesville, Ohio, sponsored by Value Accessories in Madison, Ohio.  This has been a growing rally each year.  Despite the concerns of pre-registered participants, it turned out to be a successful weekend with 125 registered bikes.  Riders came from Alabama, Michigan, West Virginia, Kansas, Pennsylvania and various locations in Ohio.  Saturday’s are the led rides.  One ride was all day going into West Virginia, and another ride destination was Big Muskie.  I must say, I was honored to be the lead on the Big Muskie ride with 31 Spyders and 1 BMW convertible.  It was my first time riding to the Big Muskie, but it certainly is still one of the go-to destinations in Ohio.  

They are also sponsoring an all-wheel rally on August 5, 9.  Valueaccessories.net

Speaking of Rallies, I will be hosting my first Spyder Rally on August 7, 8, 9 in Berlin, Ohio.  I was pleased to have registrants sign up all the way from Wyoming who said they are planning to ride all the way to Ohio.

We will have a meet and greet on Thursday evening and dinner at the Farmstead Restaurant.  Friday and Saturday will be led rides and concluding on Sunday attending the annual Bikers Sunday ride from Grace Church in Berlin.  I have attended the Biker Sunday event the past two years and it is one of my favorite events.  Everyone is welcome.  If you are a Spyder Ryder, check out my rally for details on facebook at 

“Goin’ Buggie in Amish Country”.

Gearheadz Pub and Drive Thru 9977 Lafayette Road, West Salem.  Gearheadz has recently added a new full service outdoor patio offering pizza, burgers and fries. The outdoor patio has stamped concrete flooring, fire pit and plenty of parking.

J’ville Pub  8 Main Street, Jeromesville.  J’ville has completed their addition in front of the building for outdoor eating.  Specializing in fresh, prime and Ohio sourced burgers, wings, stuffed shells, meatloaf and more.

The Jailhouse Taverne ~  15478 Avon Belden Road. Grafton.  This biker friendly establishment is rearing to go with great outdoor seating, great service and food.

Hopefully, we have a good 3-4 months of doing what we enjoy outdoors!  Support local businesses when possible and have a great month!

“Don’t count the wheels, just enjoy the ride”.

Spyder Lilly Luvee

La Vonne De Bois

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