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Hi Friends,

Well summer is coming to an end and I’m not ready. This summer has been hot, but I like it better than winter. I hope we get a nice fall. If so, we all need to remember that fall will bring new riding hazards. In the spring we have loose gravel from the winter months, summer time brings heat and out of town drivers and fall will give us leaves on the roads. We have all learned and most always practice to be aware and alert of the changing conditions.

I hope everyone at least checks this part of my article every month because we need to be aware of crash and fatality statistics. Remember, I write this article a month before you get to read it. So as of the first of July 2017, we had 1703 crashes and 51 fatalities and now this year we have 1220 crashes and 46 fatalities. We are down 483 crashes, 5 fatalities and 430 less injuries with what has been reported so far. The numbers are down but we still need to be aware of our surroundings and ride defensively at all times.

As the riding season goes on we all must Ride Smart and remember road etiquette. I was stopped at the side of the highway and was checking for a noise. I was so surprised that out of 8 bikes that went by, not one slowed down or stopped to check on me. If you see a biker on the side of the road, stop or at least slow down to see if they need help. It could be you some day.

Many of us have helped friends get started in motorcycling but have you checked on them lately? When new riders get up and going they pick up bad habits fast. We need to help them if they are backing their bike wrong or if they’re parking on a hill in the wrong direction. We need to make sure our friends don’t continue to ride on a temporary permit. They need to get their endorsement. If you know someone that only wants to ride at night or not on the big roads, they may be riding on a temp. Help them get into a Motorcycle Ohio class and take the beginners course. They will have their endorsement at the end of the 3-day class. Contact Motorcycle Ohio at www.motorcycle.ohio.gov

If you would like to get more involved with Motorcycle Safety, on February 2, 2019, ABATE of Ohio will be hosting a State Legislative and Education Seminar. It is a great place to learn how you can get involved and help your friends in many different ways. Information can be found on our website. You do not need to be a member of ABATE to attend, but we hope you will be when you get done. www.abate.com

This is an election year, so I ask that when you vote, know what E15 and higher fuels can do to your motorcycle. At the very least it will cause damage and void your warranty. Read and understand the laws on E15 fuel and vote against E15. Know how your Legislators feel about motorcyclists and know the ones that will take our freedoms away.

Ride Within Your Limits,

Mike Stock



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