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Be the Majority

There have been so many times I’ve heard from unhappy members of Motorcycle Clubs complaining about how this “One Guy” who is in a leadership role is a Dictator, or a Bully, or just an A-Hole. It seems many clubs have them. Narcissist’s who literally think everyone else in the club exists to serve them. My question is how in the Hell did anyone vote them into a Leadership Role in the first place? It is generally because they have been outspoken at times before being elected or come across as Fearless. Sometimes they have great charisma. They generally seem to be all about it, and they are someone many might think should Lead them. Only to figure out after that they are about themselves. They were willing to tell you and everyone else exactly what you wanted to hear, to get elected. Why do they do this? Self-importance, self-validation, Power, etc. It is generally someone who would have little to nothing in a general society outside the club life, if they didn’t have people to hustle for personal gain.

I’ve been asked by MC Club Members, “How do we deal with this kind of person? Now that they have the Power”. To that I say, they have no power without the body of the Club. The Club belongs to its members, not any one man. Even if you are an Original Member, once the second Guy puts on that patch, it is no longer an individuals Club, it now belongs to the members. I don’t know exactly how your club works, but if it works like most others I know, the Power is in the People, not in the individual. If you collectively don’t like something, its up to you to change it. Other leadership will take notice if multiple members of an entire club, or even at the Chapter level come together and speak their mind and expose or discuss an issue about one leader. They have all been where you are on their way up the chain too, and no one wants to suffer some fool. I don’t know of any MC that isn’t a 100% voluntary club. Which means you do not have to suffer any one mans foolishness. You simply need to come together and address it. In most clubs there is such a thing as a vote of no confidence if someone is fleecing your club or abusing authority. You all broke it by electing a Bully or a Narcissist, only you all can fix it. I’ve been asked in my MC life to go up the chain for help and although sometimes it is a good idea to get validation from other leadership that you all are on the same page, it isn’t necessary. Because any good leader is going to tell you that You All have the Power, Fix it. Get your Brothers together and Be the Majority that you are!

Always Keep it Real.. and be sure to Keep others Real too!

My Road Name is Tabasco, and I approve this message!

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