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What’s on a biker’s bucket list?  Trip to Sturgis? Perhaps Laconia or Daytona? The Dragon or closer to home, the Triple Nickle?

What’s on a racer’s bucket list? Beat their previous fastest time? Move from novice to expert? Track Champion? Qualify and compete in MotoAmerica?

Let me introduce you to Scott Nelson. Scott got his first street bike in 1983. As a spectator he saw his first motorcycle race in 1985. His initial reaction ” No way could I ever do that”. But by the end of the day he was thinking someday.

Someday took a bit to get here, but in 1995 Scott heard of a YSR racing group in the Mid Atlantic area. After attending one of their events he was, in his words, “hooked”. With used leathers and original street tires he went racing on a used YSR50. 

In 1999 he got the first SV650 that Coleman Powersports got. Working there at the time helped. All he did that first year was safety wiring, big yellow plate (novice) and clubman bars. Stock everything else including a stealthy stock exhaust. He raced that bike a few years and won a few but as is the case for a lot of racers, he ran out of money.

Fast forward to 2007. Scott bought a used SV650 and got back into racing with WERA. He won a couple of regional championships in 2009. In general he enjoyed track life. Most would call Scott a gentleman racer.

He says his proudest moment in racing was being crowned Champion in the Formula GT Class at Mid-Ohio Vintage Days in 2013. A pretty successful career. 

So why at the age of 57 would you try to qualify and compete in the Twins Cup in MotoAmerica. Not an easy task for anyone. His bucket list is why! After a crash on a green track in practice, (adrenaline into play here) he qualifies in session one. Unable to pick up more speed in qualifying session two Scott grids on the last row. 

But imagine starting your first professional race. He describes it as TOTALLY AMAZING!! The rest is a blur. He wanted to stay out of the leaders way and roughly 20 minutes later he finished without being lapped. As Scott says he is proof that you are never to old to GO FOR IT. 

I am glad that I was able to be at the track to cheer him on. So very proud of you my friend. 

What’s on your bucket list?

As always ride safe,

Denise Kennedy

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