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Thankfully when you are retired time isn’t much of a determining factor and the adrenaline remains as you want to get there yesterday. However as newly retired guys my husband, his brother and our nephew (teachers have summers off) found out quickly the trip was eventful from the start. 

From the driveway to the entrance of the Ohio Turnpike in North Ridgeville is about 12 miles. On the way right? Wrong. Delay #1 – A flat tire on the trailer at the entrance to the turnpike in North Ridgeville. Tire changed, spare tire on and off to get a new tire. Still not underway as running lights on trailer aren’t working due to the blown tire. Fixed those and now they are off. STURGIS OR BUST!!

Delay #2 Driving rain in Illinois. Delay #3- Stuck three hours in traffic in Minnesota for a truck fire…NO NOT THEIRS! Sure hoping the bad luck is now out of the way. The old guys and the kid are exhausted. They need a hot meal, a beer and a bed. Day one ends in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

Compared to day one, day two is a piece of cake. An uneventful seven or so hour drive to the Iron Horse Campground in Sturgis, North Dakota. Accommodations are great. Nice site with electric and a beautiful view from the campsite of Bear Butte in the distance. Rick was a great host giving them a complete list of things to do, places to see. Itching to ride and check out the surrounding areas the bikes are unloaded and they are off.

Although the Rally in Sturgis is part of the experience, riding in that part of the country was the main thing on the bucket list. Rides to Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, the #10 Saloon in South Dakota and Devils Tower in Wyoming were a must. Riding Needles Highway through Iron Creek Tunnel and Needles Eye Tunnel blasted through granite walls was one of the unexpected pleasures of the week. The beautiful winding roads and the sound of motorcycles and fellow riders were everywhere. A couple of pop up showers to weather and while the rain may have dampened the roads it didn’t dampen their spirits.

Thousands of bikes lined the main street in Sturgis. Cover bands and top named entertainment were everywhere. Iron Horse Campground, Buffalo Chip, Full Throttle Saloon. Always something to do and see and THE RIDES. The rides were the best part!

Even for retired guys, all good things must come to an end. The bikes and the gear were packed in the trailer and the drive home began almost as it started–the tire on the other side of the trailer blew out. (Hindsight is 20/20…should have bought two new tires at the start).

There are some new adventures the retired guys have planned. Time to enjoy the rides that working full time didn’t always allow. Time to check off another box on the “bucket list”. Sturgis – these guys recommend it highly whether you are retired or not.

‘Til next month & As always ride safe,

Denise Kennedy

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