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Can You Feel the Chill? – Final Word

It seems so hard to believe but it’s only 126 Days until Christmas as I write this! Yikes! It seems with all the rain that this summer has been a wash out. There were still many great times being had, but man do the months seem to fly by! Of course, as most of you know I live in Florida, so winter is prime time to ride! 

I know there are still some great events left to attend this year in the North! Just take a peek at the events section in this month’s edition and make some plans! We still have Biketoberfest at the end of the year down here in Florida! I look forward to the cooler riding temps! I do love riding at night in a tank top, but the days are brutal! You probably still have plenty of club parties to attend as well. Make the most of it! We sure never know when our number will come up, so enjoy every day in the wind that you can! Unfortunately, we’ve also lost some dear friends and brothers already this year in accidents and health issues. So, continue to be vigilant in watching the other guy! I pray we don’t lose any more this year.

Most of us have full schedules between work, kids, grandkids, club events etc. Sometimes we feel like we are spread thin! There are times it’s best to just take a break and take off alone, or with a brother or ole lady and just go! I’d like to plan a trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway. It seems like I’m always on a mission to get to where I’m going, and then get back for work. I feel like I miss the road in between. I think I need to make the trip the destination one of these days. I’d love a trip out Route 66, or in the mountains. Fall is a wonderful time to get out there and enjoy a comfortable breeze. 

It won’t be long until you see those first few flakes of snow! Well, you will but I won’t. Haha. Can you feel the chill? It’s not too late to make some more memories this year with your brothers and friends! 

Life flies by, so Enjoy the Ride!

Keep it Real!

My Road name is Tabasco!
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