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Changing Seasons

Well here we are again heading into Fall. I do so miss Fall in the Midwest. Leaves changing colors, that crisp cool air, the smell of burning leaves. Down here in the sunny South we can tell it’s Fall by the changing of the license plates from the snowbirds flocking south. You know that change is coming. But what about your club? Are you heading to new annual elections? You probably should be. Anyone who holds onto power too long is not doing themselves, or your membership any favors.

It’s wonderful to have great leaders. And perhaps the body of your club wants to keep great leaders in place. But that shouldn’t prevent anyone who is ready and willing to try and step up and offer their services in a leadership role. I always encourage everyone to step up and run for an office. Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t elected. It shows a willingness to serve your Brotherhood in a higher capacity. After all, you’re in a volunteer organization. You should respect those that are willing to take on the added responsibility of an often “thankless” job. On the other hand, there are some who would run because of their egos and self-servitude. Obviously, I’d suggest you pass on those type of people. They are in it for the power or greed, not for the Brotherhood.

Often even those who start out with the best of intentions get caught up in their own ways and prevent new ideas from becoming common place. They get tunnel vision after a while and can’t think outside the box. Or perhaps they’re getting burned out. It’s human nature. It doesn’t mean they wish ill will on their club. It’s just that they don’t realize it might be time to hand the reigns over to someone with new ideas. A great leader will recognize an up and coming leader, and spend the time to groom them, or encourage them to come up through the ranks and be a leader someday. I know several old patches who have all served in leadership roles at one time in the past, and who helped pass the torch when they had come to the end of their role. Those are the guys that you should continue to talk with often and seek their council when confronted with issues. Many are a wealth of knowledge and have encountered the same conflicts during their tenure. 

As I’ve often said, your club’s future is often embedded in it’s past. A good leader will recognize when it’s time to shed some of the outdated thought processes and move toward a new day in your organization. 

Always practice being a leader, even in your current role. Enjoy your pumpkin spiced beers…. And as always… Keep it Real!

My Road Name is Tabasco.

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