CMA August 2021

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What’s it like?

What is it like to be a Christian? Aren’t there a lot of rules to follow? Like, you can’t wear certain clothes or go certain places? Aren’t there commands you have to follow like a bunch of do’s and don’ts? I mean really, what’s it like? Aren’t you missing out? Do you ever have any fun? Can you laugh? Don’t you have to pray like twenty hours a day? What happens if you do something wrong? How do you know it’s real? Isn’t it considered a sin to ride a motorcycle?

These are questions we get all the time about Christianity. The truth is, Christianity is much like motorcycling…if I have to explain, you won’t understand. It has to be experienced before you really get it and it’s more about relationship than rules. Relationship that begins with the reality of who Jesus is and why would He die for you and me? The answer to that is simple….He loves. He doesn’t condemn, judge or evaluate us to see if we are good enough, He doesn’t cause trouble or sickness or accidents so He can test us or teach us stuff. No…He simply loves.

I would love to tell you that being a believer, (that’s the term I use more often now as Christian, although it means Christlike, has taken on a whole new meaning in this world today), is a piece of cake. Believe and be on easy street with no problems, issues, or troubles, but I can’t because Jesus Himself said that this life would not be lived without persecution or troubles. However, He added that if we choose to follow Him, He will be with us through them all and carry more of the weight than we ourselves need to bear. Knowing that is what brings peace to every situation and freedom from the burdens that life throws at you.

When I ride, He is with me. When I laugh, He laughs too. When I am sad, He lifts me up. When I am angry, He soothes my soul. I have no fear for He is with me. I have no concern for what tomorrow brings, because I know He holds my future.

What is it like to be a Christian? Believing in what you cannot see, holding on to what you cannot feel, and finding freedom that is truly real.

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Catch you in the wind!

Mary G.

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