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CMA Blog Dec 2021

Ho, Ho, Hold on a minute!!

Didn’t we just start this year?? Man…December already! Christmas and decorations and shopping!!Busy, busy, busy…parties, presents, pressure up the wazoo! Is that how it’s really supposed to be?

I say a resounding NO!! Ibelieve December should be the month of Remember! Reflecting on our pastyear of memorable moments. Good memories, some not so good memories, but memories made that willforever have somewhatof aneffect on us. Hopefully, even the not so good ones will bring about a newstrength,a new hope and a revival of courage to face the most difficult of challenges!

Then there are the good memories…the friends we were able to meet up with again. The events we wereable to attend and enjoy. The awesome motorcycling and travel we were able to do. The laughter, thetears, the overcoming fears. All of it wrapped up into one big, delicious memory for us to keep and shareas we finish up the year.Rex and I had the privilege to travel a couple of times this year.

To Hiawassee, Georgia and out to IronMountain near Mena, Arkansas. Rode into Oklahoma, cruised through Kentucky, Tennessee,Missouri,North Carolina, West Virginia…met a lot of great people, prayed with many and shared the passion of theroad along with our passion for Christ as we went. We so thoroughly enjoyed our time out on the roadand our time together. We aren’t perfect, but in Christ we are perfectly fit for each other and that’s whatmakes a great team/partnership in marriage.

Relationships with other people are like that, a covenant, some call it a Brotherhood or Sisterhood. That’swhat we tend to lean to in the motorcycling community. We become a family and that, my dear friends,ishow God intended it to be. He created us to be family. Doesn’t matter what you look like, or where youcame from, what matters is what’s in the heart of your being and that is the exact heart that was created byGod, our Father. He’s the center of all creation…the heartbeat of us all. He created us for relationshipwith Him and with each other. I think that is so awesome! Trouble is…we spend way too much timelooking at the differences in each other, comparing ourselves to each other, competing with each other tothe point that we do not honor each other for who we are and whatour purpose is.

So how do we change that? It’s actually kind of easy…start looking at those around you with the eyes oflove….not the human kind of love, but God’s love for humanity. Begin to forgive those that havewronged you or caused you hurt…’That isn’t easy MG…you don’t know what they’ve done’, you’reright, but God does and if you forgive through Him, you will find love for them…even compassion fortheir souls. It’s not easy, but it certainly is freeing…why carry something around that imprisons you?Chances are that person may not even realize you still carry that with you. Time to clear out the not sogood memories and find freedom and peace.

That’s whatGod’sSon, Jesuswas sent for…Peace.Merry Christmas from our hearts to yours!

Mary and Rex G

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