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I cannot believe we are already into October!

What a season we have had! The Rodeo, Vintage Days, State Rally, Poker Runs, Toy Runs, Bike Blessings, Veteran Runs, The Traveling Wall….So many events and so happy to have been a part in some way! Being able to get out and see your happy faces makes what we do all the better!

CMA is so happy to be part of your lives in some way. Whether it’s to give you a cup of water or coffee, cook a hotdog or two, bring a word into your life or a prayer for your soul, we love being here for YOU!

Sometimes people ask us why we do it. “Why do you pick up the trash?” “Why are you here in this place?” “Why do you care?” I can answer all of those questions with one word….Love. You see, it’s really all about love. The Bible says we are to “Love God and put Him first, then we are to love our neighbor as ourselves.” (Matthew 22:39 Look it up!)

How hard is that? If I saw you stumble and fall, my first instinct would be to come and help you up. Why? Because I would want someone to help me up if I fell. There are many things that could be used as an example, but I think you get the drift.

Doing the word, is about sharing the love. It’s love on purpose. We do what we do to show you the love of our Great Father, God. He is love and He abides in us therefore we are love. So how can we look at this world today with all its brokenness and heartaches, murders, wars, anger and hatred and still talk about love? Because love looks beyond the surface and reaches deep into the heart, where truth is found and love abounds.

‘But Miss Mary, you don’t know how bad I am and all the things I have done! How could you say God would love me?’ Because He has known you before you were even in the womb of your Mama. You were fearfully and wonderfully made by His hands and any choices you made in your lifetime due to the pressures of the enemy of God, His love will cover if you just let Him. Love covers a multitude of sin, and His love is so deep it is hard to comprehend. It’s like a parent when they see their child for the first time and they wonder how they can love something so tiny, so deeply. That’s how God sees us…His precious creation. And if God sees you that way, then we need to treat each other the same….with kindness, caring and love.

Well, the bottom line is this….we are brothers and sisters with a common like mind in the motorcycling community. We know why we ride, we share a common goal in life which is not just to get to where we are going but to enjoy the time between departure and arrival so that when we do get to where we are going we can say we have arrived. And when you see CMA arrive, you know we are there to be about you and how we can make your day better!

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Mary G.

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