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Mother May I….

We May’ed it! Motorcycle Awareness Month, Bike Blessings everywhere, time to get on those ponies and ride, ride, ride!!!

From May 1st through May 31st there’s something going on every weekend, and we are going to be there ready to meet you, pray with you and ride along with you as we all enjoy the great adventures God has put before us! And what an adventure it will be!

Up to this point, we have had our Seasons of Refreshing in Columbus, best turnout we have had in a few years! A little shy of 200 in attendance and all were geared up and sent out with a readiness to roll into the season with a fire rekindled in their spirit and a zest for the road. It was a great time!

This has certainly been a season of change, hasn’t it? We have seen our fair share of things we couldn’t have dreamed possible happening in our lifetime, haven’t we? Does it bother you? Well, it should. Look, I am just going to be straight with you. I know most of you will say you have heard your grandma say it, or your old Aunt Mae, or your Great Uncle Joe, but this is the real deal…. the time is now. Look around you. There are more questions about if there really is a God today than how to find Him. People have more confidence in thinking that He isn’t, rather than that He is, and most look at the church as a social gathering rather than a spiritual resource.   You might say to me, MG…. all that I see in church are hypocrites, judgmental people who only care about money and if I were to walk in there today, they would turn me away. And my answer would be that there are hypocrites in every walk of life from politics to preachers, we can’t control what others do, we can only focus on what we do, and Jesus would never turn you away. How do I know that? Because He didn’t turn me away. Listen, I was not Daddy’s little princess…I was Mama’s little hellion and if she could have, I think she may have buried me in the back yard and said the neighbors did it! But through it all, when Jesus got ahold of my heart, and I totally surrendered my will to His… man it has been a ride to remember!!!

Are there still those hypocrites in the church? Probably…do I care? Nope. I’m not there for them, I am there for Jesus ‘n’ ME time. Now you come along. We haven’t got a whole lot of time left and I sure don’t want you to miss out on this wonderful ride! And guess what? It doesn’t stop here! That’s right!! It goes on for eternity!! BOOM BABY!! We get to carry this ride on forever…. And just between you and me, I prefer streets of gold to ride on, not burning hot coals where my tires will melt! Just sayin’.

Well, there you have it. Just giving you something to think about. The Roads and Trails flyer last month was from 2021. Sorry for the mix up. Come join us at Begley Campground in New Straitsville, OH and ride the Windy 9 with us or rip the trails through Begley’s May 20-22nd, 2022 all riders check in at lot #5 Begley’s Campground Friday/Saturday morning 8-9 am.

Catch you in the Wind!

Mary G

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