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Final Word – January 2020

How many of you club members have a property vest hanging on an ole lady? This can be a blessing and a curse to the club, depending on the brother and the ole lady. If you’re in a traditional MC, then ole ladies have no voice in the club.

Yet I’ve seen it cause major issues when some women mistakenly over believe their worth or that they have some sort of position or hierarchy and start running their mouth in front of other brothers. This can really wreck things for that brother. Especially if his ole lady gets banned from club activities. I’d like to say it doesn’t happen, but I’ve seen it too often. The flip side of that coin is I’ve known some of the best ole ladies in the world. Ones who truly understand the lifestyle, and a lady’s place in it. I know that sounds chauvinistic, and you’re right, it is.

But it is with keeping in the tradition of days gone past. Back when women were proud to let their ole man be the king of the castle, and they took pride in being his supporter. It was a different mindset in society. Some people I’m sure would say MCs are about 100 years behind in the sexual revolution, and to those people the MC world say they don’t care what you think. The traditions of a bygone era are kept alive and well by those who don’t believe that all change is good. A property patch is a badge of honor to a woman who understands the MC lifestyle.

If a lady can’t comprehend that in this day and age, I fully understand their position, but they probably shouldn’t hang around groups or individuals that do. It rarely ends well for them and the person that they claim to care about. 

On the other hand, it is your responsibility as a club brother to see to it that whom you claim as yours, and especially whom you allow to wear a property patch is on board with the responsibilities of such. For some of you reading this know, I’m not talking about passing around your ole lady to club members as the morons in law enforcement and the press would have you believe. It paints a picture to further their agendas against MCs. Although some would believe that is still true today, this ain’t the ‘60s and ‘70s of “free love” when your parents were passing around joints and each other. I’m talking about knowing their place when in the company of MC men. Of showing respect and/or ignoring the ones with whom they disagree. I’m never down with these brothers who keep a property patch on standby for every tot he picks up in a bar and shows up to the clubhouse with. That chick is wearing YOUR patch and states property of YOUR club, and she better represent correctly, or the brother should and often will pay the price. 

If you are so fortunate to be an ole lady with a group of brothers who would die for each other, count yourself lucky, because in most cases, they’d die for you too. I dare you to find that in any other segment of society today.

Keep respecting tradition and keep it real!

My Road Name is Tabasco!

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