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Freedom – CMA July 2020


Is such a beautiful word, 

We will celebrate it till the end.

You can hear it in the thunder, 

You can feel it in the wind. 

Freedom brings the gratitude 

In everything we do.

The right to live, and speak out loud

Even sport a great tatoo!

America the beautiful, 

Long may your banners wave

Regardless of the chaos,

We still celebrate the brave.

You see, our History isn’t housed 

In the bricks and stone and steel.

It is carried in our hearts and minds

And we all know it is real.

So, go ahead and raise the flag,

Make some serious noise.

Blast the sky with fireworks

For all the girls and boys!

There’s more to why we celebrate

The story is still being told,

We will fight to maintain our freedom

It’s what makes America bold!

Mary G.

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