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Derek & TRO Family,

Wow. I was shocked to see photos of the old castle on the cover of the July mag (O.S.R.). I did time there in the old cast block which was the “world largest, all steel 2-man cell block”. I did over 3 years on Northeast 2nd range, cell 22, from 1979-1983. My Ohio State Reformatory member was #110-288. There was no hot water, used “stingers” back then, cold as hell too. The showers were called the car wash. I even learned to box there. They also filmed Harry & Walter Goes to New York, and old James Caan and Elliott Gould played in it…also part of Sylvester Stalone’s movie, Lock Up, was filmed there at O.S.R (Loved the red mustang car scene!)

As for the Shawshank Redemption I was in the new joint, Mansfield C.I. and was a part of it filmed in 1993 when Warden Dennis Baker ran everything, and he too was in the movie—the black dude on the bus scene. (Check the credits). Tim Robins was cool, so was most of the cast. Morgan Freeman was snotty and stuck up. He would not talk to real convicts.

Man, I wish I could be a part of Inkcarceration, and I hope it turns out great for everyone. A lot of good bikers went through O.S.R. many of my outlaw brothers, even my father (Big Al Brown) AKA “Top Hat”, Jim Nolan, David Allen Coe, my sponsor, James Elmoe “Big Moe” – RIP. And good brothers from Iron Horseman, Drifters, Northcoast O.L.s and other M.C.s.

O.S.R. was a hell hole but met some stand up bros. I worked the boot shop and even did time on the coal pile ?

I can’t wait to hear all about it and hope to join you guys for Inkcarceration 2020! Yay!! Ill show you guys my first pick and poke ink from O.S.R 1979-1980 East Block!

Stay safe & in the wind!

Gator Brown

Resident of TX for now.

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