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Get Ready and Mount UP!!

Wow! It’s April already! Are you ready to get rolling?? We are and definitely ready to meet you, bless you and pray for a great season of riding for you! So many things are beginning to bloom, and I don’t just mean the flowers!

We have already begun the season with a Spaghetti lunch for our 2021 Run for the Son fundraiser! Over $600 was raised and we are on our way to a successful year! Over 62 people showed up in support of the cause and several seized the day and rode in, so we were able to have our first bike blessing! What a way to kick of the season!! Thanks to all who participated!

At the end of March, we held our Biker 2 Biker Seasons of Refreshing. What a great time was had by all! Many received a good word of encouragement and a fresh anointing for the coming riding season! We are truly here if and when you need us, so if you see a CMA’r out there, don’t hesitate to say hello and get your bike blessed!

Guess what else is happening this month…YES! My favorite celebration…Good Friday and EASTER! Or Resurrection Sunday. Whatever you know it as, it’s truly a day of freedom for all! Why is that? Because this is a celebration of LIFE! Jesus’s victory over death and the release of sin’s hold on our lives! Listen, without the willingness of Jesus to go to the cross in our place, we would be forever trying to prove we are good enough through good works. Well, let me be the first to tell you…just being or doing good doesn’t cut it! You have to know that you know that Jesus actually laid down His life just for you! Not only did He take the beatings, He was also spit on, cussed at and then nailed to a cross out in the middle of nowhere with everyone staring on, just waiting and watching as He died! Then…the unspeakable happened…He said, ‘Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do’…He forgave them all! And then He died. 

BUT WAIT….THERE’S MORE!! Three days went by and just when His enemies were sure all was going to be okay…HE AROSE OUT OF THE TOMB! Defeating death and the grave and forever giving us all the opportunity to not only be forgiven of our sins, but to live forever with Him in Eternity in Heaven, where there is truly great joy and peace and streets made of pure gold! I kid you not!!

So, can you see why I am so thrilled with the coming holiday?? Good! Then I hope you won’t get offended when I say find out for yourself just how special my Jesus is and what He has done for you. Find a place of worship, walk in and don’t let the clothes on your back prevent you from it…Jesus isn’t about what you look like on the outside or what you have done in the past. He’s about giving you new life and a true love that will last!

See you in the wind!!

Mary G.

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