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What is hopping up today?? We are! We had some great weather in March, windy as usual, but when the thermometer hits warm, we are hitting the road! As I saw many of you out and about, I said a prayer over you for protection and safety. We do that often…whether on two wheels or not. I am hoping that others in cages are praying as well. Makes them more aware of us!

So, this is the month in which we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Traditionally, this holiday is called Easter, but you may hear it referred to as ‘Resurrection Sunday’ by believers. Why is that? Because Easter leaves the visual of bunnies, eggs, and spring…resurrection reminds us that if it were not for the sacrifice of Jesus allowing Himself to be nailed to the cross for us, taking on the sin of the world, although He was sinless, reminding us of the victory of His raising up from the grave and defeating death. That is the truth of the day.

Let’s be real…there’s nothing wrong with Easter egg hunts, baskets full of goodies and a celebration of spring. That’s just family fun, but if you don’t teach the real reason we celebrate this time of year, then you are missing out on the greatest moment in human history. The beauty of that moment is the fact that it isn’t just in our history, He is still alive in us today! What a wonderful plan God had for all of us and the fact that He made the sacrifice for all mankind throughout eternity gives everyone the opportunity to receive His wondrous grace and love! Grace is unmerited favor. None of us deserve it, but yet He is willing to give it to ALL! You know the movie, ‘The Passion’? If you have never seen it, I suggest you give it a go this year. The reason it’s called ‘The Passion’ is because it was the passion of Jesus to share His love and mercy to the world. He asked the disciples to follow Him so that when He was no longer with us, they could carry on the mission of sharing the good news to the world so that ALL would be saved. That’s right…ALL of us! It doesn’t matter what you have done, where you have been, or what you have seen, what matters is that His passion to love you goes deeper than you or I can even imagine. So, as a disciple of Jesus myself, it is my service to Him to share with you the good news that Jesus is alive and well and is calling you to ‘come, follow Me.’

We have a lot going on in the next few months: May 7th is our Run for the Son Day, many chapters in your area will be out and you probably will see us at your bike blessings in May. May 20-22nd we will be having a blast at our Roads and Trails event; Begley Campground near Logan is the starting point for both road rides and trail bikes. Come and join us! You can’t beat the beautiful countryside of the Windy 9! More to come in June with Ohio Bike Week starting back in full force so I hear! Woohoo!

With that, I will say…May your road before you be clear, may your joys be many, and your sorrows be few!

Praying in the Wind for you!

Mary G.

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