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Just Go… CMA August Article

It’s August already! This season is just zipping by and there is still so much left to do! Easyriders Rodeo is coming up and we hope to see you all there! Looking at the calendar, I am finding that we are going and doing so much that I wonder if we are enjoying the ride as we go.

So many times, we can get caught up in the getting from one point to the other, that we forget how we arrived. You see, the journey on the way is just as important as the event we are going to. If we “beat feet” and hit the throttle to get there, we have totally missed the enjoyment of the ride along the way.

That’s how it is with our lives sometimes, we are so busy getting our lists completed that we miss out on some of the most important happenings going on right around us. We get so focused on the task, that we get out of focus with all else. Did you see that Eagle in the field? No, because you were going by it so fast it was a blur. “Gotta get there, man!”

Going, going, going…gone.

In July we had one of the biggest events for CMA and friends that, as new State Coordinators, was jumping in deep waters very quickly! The hustle to make sure everything was done, every T crossed, and I dotted was pretty intense. At one point, a piece of paper got in my way and I just threw it on the floor! A piece of paper! I leaned down and picked it up thinking, “wow, you just defeated a piece of paper… how lame was that?” That’s when I realized that stressing over an event that will come off the way it’s supposed to regardless of whether I miss a dot or not, will not change the way the event rolls. Breathe. Pray. Enjoy the journey. Of course, I was right…the Rally was awesome! Over 500 people showed up and a good time was had by all! (Saint Marys will never be the same!) You should join us sometime…we still have a lot of fun!

So, what am I trying to get across today? What little nugget can I pass along to help us all enjoy the ride a little bit? Slow down. Enjoy the going, along with the doing. When the event is ready to roll, roll with it. Although it is important, it isn’t really the prep work that makes the ride better. It’s all in the way you arrive. So, arrive with windblown hair, a few bugs on your chaps and a smile on your face that says, “I have arrived, and man was it an awesome ride!!”

As I mentioned before, CMA will be at the Rodeo on Labor Day weekend, and we’ll also be gear checking at the AIM event in September, and hopefully riding with you at the ABATE Toy Run in Lima as well! As someone once said, “They’re everywhere man!” We try to be…here when you need us!

Until next time, pray before you go and enjoy the ride!

Mary G.

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