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The last couple of years have seen vast improvements at Nelsons Ledges Road Course. From brand new pavement and curbing to ongoing renovations to the facility in general.

Various track day organizations were alive and well at this legendary course the last two seasons, however actual motorcycle races had been missing.

Not so for the 2019 season. LEAN Track Days will be holding three separate race events this season in conjunction with track days… LEAN is an organization formed by riders for riders. Organizer Sam Wang has invested significant time and effort to put a quality program together to promote safe riding and increase rider skills at all levels.

Sam is an accomplished racer himself and has great insight as to what steps are necessary to take this program to the next level. As with any new venture, growing pains are to be expected. Details to date are PROVISIONAL.

The 4-hour TEAM ENDURANCE class will include light/middle/heavyweight displacement classes.

The 4-hour PONY EXPRESS will be open displacement. Teams with lightweight and middleweight bikes will compete against teams with middleweight and heavyweight bikes. Ultra lightweight bikes will have their own 2-hour endurance race.

Riders must be licensed with a recognized racing organization. Full details of recognized organizations will be published in the rule book.

Also there will be a WERA approved race school. After successful completion of the race school, riders will earn Provisional novice status with LEAN.

I hope to bring you continued coverage of this new chapter in Nelsons Ledges road racing history throughout the coming season.

Check out LEANTD.COM for additional details and ride out to take a look for yourself. Endurance race days are scheduled for June, July and August 2019. Photo credits courtesy of Photos By Marty LLC (Marty Matuszak)

As always ride safe,

Denise Kennedy/Kennedy Style.

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