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And just like that – BAAAM!

We’re back open again – ready or not!

That seems to be the story across the Midwest – across the Nation.

One way or another, we are opening back up – whether we are ready or not.

Unfortunately, everyone seems to still be processing what we all went through this past year.

Most businesses are still short staffed because so many are either still sitting on the couch collecting, hiding in the basement, or they’ve realized that life is a lot better with a lot more riding and less 9 to 5. 

So either out of an effort to maintain “social distancing” (not usually the case) or simply because they can’t staff (more often) – most businesses and events are limiting services or their programming.

As you scroll through our pages – you’ll find hundreds of bike nights, rides, swap meets, bike shows, and other destinations for you to ride to.  You’ll notice some new ones – but chances are you’ll also notice that a lot of your favorite events and destinations haven’t returned yet. 

The reasons vary widely, but the end conclusion is all the same – it’s a whole new world out there.

With so many changes, it’s important that some things don’t,  And as it’s surprisingly often the case, it’s up to us bikers to tow the line and remind everyone what’s important.

We are still ALL AMERICANS.  We are still ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.  And it’s all still a lot easier to make this ride – with BROTHERS and SISTERS at our side.

This isn’t about political parties or candidates – it’s far bigger than that.

This is about us maintaining our culture and core values.  It’s about us celebrating FREEDOM and standing as ONE.

So we need to be more patient while we are out.  We need to be more understanding when standing in line.  And we CAN’T become cynical and start hating the folks we don’t know.

That’s NOT what we do – and it accomplishes nothing.

We’re BIKERS – and one of the reasons we love this life and our community, is that WE KNOW THE SECRET.


And we need have each other’s BACK! 

The Bike Nights, Rallies, and Bike Shows are all returning… in most cases.

Let’s ALL make them a success.  Let’s support the businesses and organizations as they get back on their feet.  And let’s be patient with them.  Even if it’s a new event or destination – they are all just Brothers and Sisters that we haven’t met yet.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all out on the road.


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