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Marching Into A Beautiful Spring!

Time is just zipping by and here we are on the edge of Spring! For all of us it means it’s closer to getting out the bikes and blowing the dust off for our first ride of the season. For some of the diehards it’s tuning up and blowing off the salt dust! Brave…very brave!

This is also the time we in CMA are getting geared up for all the events soon to be shaping up on our calendars and we are looking forward to seeing your shiny faces out and about! It’s just what we do. We have an awesome ride on the 1st Saturday of May that is called Run for the Son. It’s our only fundraiser that we do, and the purpose is to raise money for the outreaches we are part of. We have three ministry team partners: Open Doors Ministry, The Jesus Film Project and Missionary Ventures. Here’s a breakdown of how the funds are used and a little history:

The Christian Motorcyclists Association was founded in 1975 with the vision of taking the Gospel to bikers and God has been faithfully fulfilling that vision. Today, CMA is in 38 countries with 1,393 chapters chartered in the United States.
Somewhere in the United States a CMA member carrying the life-changing message of reconciliation, touches someone for Christ once every 46 seconds, and leads someone to Christ once every 49 minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

CMA’s Run for the Son started as an effort to provide just one motorcycle to a pastor in Guatemala. Today, CMA has been able to extend the open arms of Christ to millions of people around the world, through the fruits of Run for the Son.
By partnering with ministries with world reaching potential, we have been able to place the message of hope and salvation in front of millions of people in 194 countries around the world. Since its beginning, Run for the Son has invested $88 million to help spread the Good News of salvation through Christ; resulting in 32.2 million salvations. Some pray, some go, and some send.

So, there it is, and when you see us at an event and if you would like to help send out this message of love to the world, just ask and we will gladly let you know how to be a part of this awesome outreach! As you can see by the breakdown, 40% of the monies raised stay right here in the United States for ministry at home. Also, none of these funds go to the general operation of CMA, that is funded solely by our members through their monthly donations.
Thanks for taking the time to read the story and we look forward to sharing the road with you!! Join us on April 1st-2nd at the First Baptist Church, Noe Bixby Road, Columbus for our Seasons of Refreshing! First time guests are free! Contact us at graceme.mg@gmail.com for more information!

Mary G.

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