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MC Clubber – A Dying Breed

Do you remember when accomplishments were earned? When you felt Pride in setting a goal, working hard, and achieving an accomplishment. We often see people bitching about the “Me Too” generation. Where everyone receives a participation trophy, and we cringe. Yet, that’s exactly what is happening in the MC Community. A vast generation of new MC Members don’t want to earn anything, they want it handed to them. I’ve heard every excuse about not wanting to probate. “I am too old”. “I don’t have the time”. “I’m a grown man, I don’t take orders from people”. To all of that I say, you have no place in the MC community.

When I probated in a 1%er clubhouse for 186 days, it was rough. There were many long weekends with no sleep. Working duty for 24-30 hours straight. Maybe a few hours of sleep when I was ready to fall down and then right back to it. Starting Friday night after working all week, to the last ones out on Sunday night after all the trash was taken out, the clubhouse back in order, and my future brothers were satisfied. There were times I wasn’t sure I could carry on, but I did. I can’t even express to you how much I learned during that time. I made mistakes, and I got yelled at. I was asked questions that there were no correct answers. I carried a probate bag full of stuff that was never used. And looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Do you know what you get when you hand out patches? You get “Brothers” who will never know the elation of being handed your patch after having worked you’re a$$ off to earn it. You get people with no pride. You get people who are not willing to sacrifice to gain your respect. You get people who will easily quit because they don’t value what you handed them. You get “participation trophy” recipients, who by the way, will rarely participate in your club either. You get turds. Thus, making your club just another turd club like all the rest of the pop-up turd clubs who hand out dozens of patches just to exist. How in the hell do any of those clubs take themselves seriously? More importantly, how can any real club be expected to take them seriously. They become the joke of the MC community. Is that what you want? A patch so badly that you will be a joke to own one?

My advice: do your time! Earn your patch. Earn the respect of the MC community. Otherwise, practice saying “Trick or Treat”, because you are nothing but a Halloween club, playing MC.

I for one am proud to be an MC clubber…a respected member of a dying breed.

Keep it REAL!

My road name is Tabasco, and I approve this message!

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