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Not for Sale….

Last winter I decided that the new Deluxe I has purchased at the end of 2019 was just not cutting it for me. I had owned and ridden a Fatboy for 14 years, tried a Freewheeler for about 7 months after that, and then traded it in for the Deluxe. I took her to Arkansas in the Fall, and it just didn’t feel right, so I said, “I think my season is just over for riding, I can ride two-up with Hubby, so I am going to sell her.” Of course, Hubby raised his brow and said, “Are you sure??” “Yep.” I stated with confidence….” positive.” So the advertisement went out…. there was only one inquiry, and she thought the pipes would be too loud. What? Who doesn’t like the sound of long shots in the wind?? So, I continued to wait. 

In the Spring, we had a Roads Rally in southern Ohio. Nice curves, so I decided to ride my Deluxe and determined that if I couldn’t become one with her on this trip, she was remaining on the For Sale list! So off we went…. Down the winding roads we rode, twisting and turning as we became one in the wind. That trip changed my thinking…I wasn’t finished riding! My season had not ended, it had just begun! She even earned a new name…Sparkle, because of the way she sparkles in the sun.

Today she sits in the carport, protected and safe until we get together again and the ad that had her ready to go, was taken down right away…Not for Sale…no, not today! 

Sometimes we get hasty about things we do. We jump into the moment, often regretting it too. I’ve heard it said, ‘Everything has its price’, that isn’t always such sound advice. We look at what’s in front of us, but don’t always see all and that’s usually a good sign that we are about to fall. We sell ourselves short when we don’t think things through. It creates an advantage for those not so true.

There’s only One you can truly sell out to and have the confidence that He’s never going to let you down and that is Jesus Christ. Anything other than that will lead you out of your proper place, or compromise who you are. It may look right in the moment, but if you give it a little time, you will be able to see clearly, and it won’t cost you a dime. Keep holding fast to what God has given you, where He has placed you and where He is leading you. And especially, don’t let go of the good to be part of the whole…a mighty Oak may be found standing alone, but the longer it stands, the stronger it gets.

Reach out, don’t sell out, your season has just begun.

Catch you in the curves!

Mary G.

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