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The weather is breaking. More and more riders are hitting the roads. Some new riders, some with years of experience.

We talk of Watch for Motorcycles, and Look Twice Save a Life. But I think we as riders, sometimes lose sight of our responsibility on the roads.

Many motorists are fearful of motorcycle riders. Perhaps rightfully so. I spend countless hours explaining to friends who do not ride the freedom, the companionship and the friendships I have developed since I took to the road as a rider. They question the danger to me as a rider. They question their safety when a rider takes their responsibility on the road a bit too lightly.

Having been on the roads this past beautiful spring weekend I noticed something that was more upsetting to me than distracted car drivers. Riders splitting lanes, tailgaiting, cutting through traffic as if they were the only ones with the right to the road. These weren’t kids. Surprisingly this behavior was exhibited by those I perceived to be seasoned riders; riders I would think might be more conscious of their responsibility on the road. Perhaps they were just itching to hit that throttle wide open. Perhaps a little rusty after a long cold winter. Careless nonetheless.

We as riders want respect on the road. We want the right to ride safely. There are enough distracted drivers on the roads today. Unfortunately we cannot control their actions. We can however, control ours. Have fun. Enjoy the sunshine on your face and the wind in your hair. When you ride, respect others on the road. When you ride do so responsibly.

It’s time to hit the roads in Northeast Ohio responsibly.

As always ride safe,

Denise Kennedy

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