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“Ride to the Sky”, A Dream Ride Destination

By now, most of our bikes have been put away for the winter. Even though we won’t be putting our riding gear on until Spring, we can be thinking about gearing up for next seasons riding plans.

I took a 12 day “caged in” trip to the New England states in mid November. Even though I spent a week in Vermont and New Hampshire in October, something was calling me back. I spent most of my time in the beautiful state of Vermont. My son, who lives there, says it best. “It’s like Ohio’s Amish country on steroids.” As I meandered through the scenic byways of New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine, I was convinced this is a dream ride destination!

Destination New Hampshire. A must do is the annual “Ride to the Sky” to Mt. Washington, New Hampshire. What once began as an auto road has become a motorcycle riders dream. First opening in 1861, the Mt. Washington Auto Road is America’s oldest man-made attraction, but it wasn’t always opened to motorized vehicles. For the first 40 years the main mode of transportation was horse-drawn mountain wagons. In 1899 the first motorized vehicle set its wheels on the pavement and the rest is history. Today, there are 2 days set aside for motorcycles to have the road all to themselves. The roar of bikes can be heard throughout the valleys as motorcycles head to Mt. Washington to experience their own piece of history. Even though the actual distance is no more than 45 minutes, there are miles of backroad routes and small towns to explore. You’ll experience four climate zones, panoramic views ad reach the highest peak in the Northeast. There is a toll booth as you enter the park. If you arrive at the booth before 10:00 A.M., passengers can ride at no charge. New Hampshire does not require motorcyclists to wear safety helmets. The 2019 dates are June 10 and 13.

1 Mt. Washington Auto Road Gorham, New Hampshire 603-466-3988

Keep the anticipation of the riding season alive by taking refresher courses. Experience can be a good teacher, but continuing education can prepare a rider for the least expected set of circumstances. With cell phone use on the rise and distracted drivers, it is only a matter of time till your skills will be put to the test,. Even in an emergency we don’t have time to think, and we need to react based on our training. Are you confident enough to swerve around a car door that opens suddenly or avoid an obstacle on the road? Do yourself and others a favor by looking into motorcycle safety courses near you. You could save a life and it could be your own.

Next month ~ Destination Maine

Wishing all my riding brothers and sisters a very Happy Holiday season!

La Vonne De Bois a.k.a. Spyder Lilly Luvee

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