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The Championship Bike Show Series RETURNS!

Over the last several years, Thunder Roads Ohio has worked to develop the TRO Championship Bike Show Series into a NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED grass roots driven means of showcasing both the rides that our readers have and the amazing works of rolling art that local shops and builders have been producing in an informal, fun format.  Along the way, we discovered that many local riders had never participated in a Bike Show – never considering that their bikes were “show worthy”. 

It turns out though, that most riders have an appreciation – even a love of motorcycles that goes beyond the amount of chrome on a bike or if there are water spots and dust on them.  We’ve hosted Bike Shows at indoor venues showcasing bikes with less than a dozen miles on them – and we’ve hosted Bike Shows at outdoor venues ranging from dealership parking lots to grass fields with countless entries still hot from riding in from across the state! Throughout, we’ve discovered that it’s not always the most polished that gets the attention, but it’s the love and work that goes into the bike that everyone appreciates. 

In 2020, we were forced to cancel or reschedule most of the shows due to state mandates and safety concerns.  Thankfully, it appears that we will be able to both RIDE and SHOW OUR BIKES this year!

And we kick things off in GENEVA w/ the 10th Annual Geneva-on-the-Lake THUNDER ZONE Bike Show  Saturday, May 15th – at the Landing Festival Marketplace / Sunset Bar / Firehouse Winery in Geneva-on-the-Lake.  (pg. 2, registration open online at ThunderRoadsOhio.com).  Like the “Event” on our Facebook page for more information and updates.

We will be announcing more dates and locations over the next few months.  Like us on facebook – www.facebook.com/ThunderRoadsOhio for updates or simply follow our magazine!  (www.ThunderRoadsOhio.com)

Even if you’ve never participated in a Bike Show before, we encourage everyone to participate and have fun with the shows!  The TRO Bike Show Series features local, regional, and nationally recognized shows that all builders and bike owners are welcome to participate in. Vintage, metric, v-twin, customs, restored antiques, “resto-mods”, trikes, and radicals are all welcome to the show. 

Chances are that you’ll discover a greater appreciation for what makes your bike unique and meet some other folks with a similar passion. 

And we’re certain you’ll have a blast!


  • Vendors and Local Riding Organizations are invited to come out and set up at many of these shows. You must register in advance though, by emailing ThunderRoadsOhio@gmail.com
  • Tour Series Shirts are now available online at ThunderRoadsOhio.com or by clicking SHOP NOW on the Thunder Roads Ohio Facebook page.

INTERESTED IN HOSTING A TRO BIKE SHOW AT YOUR LOCATION?  Email us TODAY for more information at BikeShowInfo@gmail.com

NEW Feature in the Mag: Motorcycle Rehab

As cool as new bikes are – maybe it’s just not in your budget at the moment, or you simply prefer something a little older that you can make your own.  Either way, you may be riding or picking up something with a few years and maybe a lot of miles under it’s belt.  That’s fine – maybe even preferred, and the cool part is that you have an endless number of options out there for restoring, upgrading, or simply adding new components or capabilities to your ride.  

Our new feature – Motorcycle Rehab- will feature various products, services, and options for you to consider as you restore or simply make your ride more you.  This month we are looking at adding Air Ride Suspension to our Twin Cam Ultra Classic.  You can find the feature on page 36. 

If you have a business offering a service, parts, or accessories that you’d like us to consider featuring – please shoot me an email.  Our intention is to cover everything from engine upgrade to various cup holders and bags for a wide range of bikes – from BMW adventure bikes and vintage imports to street bikes and Harleys, we plan to cover it all.  We are also planning regular features on painters, hydro-dipping, pinstripers, and other artisans that help customize rides.  

For more information, email me directly at Smith.IronCowboy@gmail.com

Cover your Area for Thunder Roads and make money doing what you love!

Reserve your spot in upcoming Road Rep and TRO Photography Seminars.

Thunder Roads Ohio is looking to add more local Reps and Photographers all across Ohio over the next few months.  This is a great opportunity for anyone that loves to ride and is active in the local riding community.  You’ll have a chance to help support, promote,  and cover local riding events – and maybe even make some $$$ along the way!  It’s a pretty good deal and chances are that you’re already doing 80% of what’s needed to be a Rep or Staff Photographer.

As a TRO Road Rep, you’ll cover and distribute magazines to local businesses and events that riders support.  As folks identify you as “their Thunder Roads guy or gal” – they will turn to you for help in getting their message out.  You’ll be their means of reaching THOUSANDS of riders all across the Midwest and even nationally.  With the support of the office, you’ll be able to help make local events a success and bring riders to businesses in your area.  This isn’t a high-pressure sales job, but sure – you could make some good money if that’s what you’re looking for.   As in most cases, you’ll get more out – the more effort you put in.  If you’re just looking to have some fun and maybe make some extra cash – sure, that works.  If you’re looking for some steady extra income or maybe even a new job with a VERY flexible work schedule – you can make that work as well.  It all depends on what you’re looking for and how much time you have.

A lot of the leg-work can even be done from home.  You can even become a REP for ReasonsToRide.com and help cover other parts of the country – while working “remotely” at home or on the road.

As a TRO Photographer, you can help cover and promote local events – from rides and rallies to local bike nights and dealer events.  You don’t really need fancy equipment, but sure a nice camera helps.  However, the sad truth for many of us that have spent way too much on cameras over the years, is that our phones now have much more advanced cameras on them than what professionals used even just a few years ago.

You take the pictures and then send them to us for publication in the magazine or online.  In return you get designated as a Staff Photographer, score some cool gear, and get premier access to a lot of exciting events.  You can even make some money or at least get expenses covered in most cases – attending events that you’d already be at, taking pictures that might already be taking.  Now though, you’re sharing your pictures and getting recognized for your work – and maybe scoring some cash along the way!  It’s a pretty good deal.

If you’re interested in being either a TRO Road Rep or Staff Photographer, please send us an email as soon as possible – so we can let you know about the upcoming training seminars.  These are informal get-togethers, where we explain things and share some insight into how it all works.

You don’t have to have any sales or real photography experience – just a love of riding and the folks we meet while out on the road.  You have to be reliable, somewhat responsible and professional – but we are all committed to having fun while doing this.  It’s why we do it.

Interested?  Shoot us an email at ThunderRoadsOhio@gmail.com

Need some Banners for your business or upcoming event?

TRO can create full color, vinyl banners far more cost effectively than most local shops and even online resources.  Our banners can cost as little as $2 a square foot – that’s FAR LESS than even half the cost that many places charge.  We can also help create the artwork and even craft your message – that’s kinda what we do.  And for Non-profits and charitable events – we might even be able to line up some sponsors and help defray your costs even more!  If that’s the case – don’t you owe it to your organization and the folks you’re helping to find out more?

We can also make REALLY cool banners for your home shop, garage, or man-cave even!  

Have a cool picture that you really like?  We can blow it up and make a big banner of it!

Just email us at ThunderRoadsOhio@gmail.com for more information.  

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