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Road Tales – October 2020

2020 Veterans Edition 

Next month we will be producing our 3rd Annual Veterans Edition of Thunder Roads Ohio.  This edition of the magazine is intended to not only honor but to also serve as a resource for US Veterans and their families in terms of organizations, events, and opportunities available to them.  It’s our third year of publishing this special themed edition – and we are proud of what we’ve accomplished the last several years.  

Our 2019 Veterans Edition reached over 250,000 Veterans, Riders, and their families.  In it, we showcased events all across Ohio – both Veterans Days events and Fall / Winter programs.  We also recognized service organization and support groups dedicated to supporting veterans in our local communities.  In addition, we shared information on various programs and opportunities available to service members, Vets and their families.  

We’d like to invite you to be a part of this Edition.  If you have an event that you’d like listed, let us know.  If you’d like to place a notice or help sponsor magazines for Vets in your area – let us know.  We also have discounted sponsorship rates for those looking to make a statement or simply support our efforts to serve.  Your support can allow us to feature a local veterans group or contribute to one of our focus organizations – all honoring and serving our local vets and hometown heroes.

This has been a challenging year for us all – and we could use your help to honor and support those that have served.  Please email us at ThunderRoadsOhio@gmail.com for information on how you can help sponsor this effort.

Share Your Veterans Day or Veteran oriented Event

We always publish non-profit events for free – but for this edition we will make an extra effort to include even more events and flyers as they relate to veterans.  Events can be entered for FREE at ReasonsToRide.com  You can also email us at Events@ReasonsToRide.com if you’d like to sponsor a flyer or other notice within the Magazine and online.  It can cost as little as $50 to feature your event within the magazine as part of this special promotion!

Share Pics of Your Veteran / Service Themed Bikes

We are looking to showcase custom motorcycles with a Veterans or Service theme to them.  Please email us pictures of your motorcycle, along with details on who should receive credit for the build / paint, etc.  And feel free to share any story behind the bike or who it’s honoring.

You can email these to ThunderRoadsOhio@gmail.com and please include SERVICE BIKE in the subject line.

Honoring Our Veterans

We will have a limited amount of space to honor Ohio Vets who ride both as part of the magazine and online through our Facebook page.  If you’d like to send us a picture – ideally with their motorcycle or a service pic – we will do our best to include them.  Of course, we can’t include everyone – but we will do our best.  Please feel free to share any additional information that you’d like – including details on service or what they are doing now.  You can email these to ThunderRoadsOhio@gmail.com and please include VETERAN RIDER in the subject line.

Help us recognize the state’s best!C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\TRO BEST OF OHIO.JPG

We’ve been collecting nominations and votes all year, and we are getting ready to do the final sweep across Ohio to check out and present our 2020 BEST OF OHIO AWARDS.

This has been a challenging year for everyone and this is a GREAT chance to give some some extra recognition for your favorite destinations and support them in their efforts!

We will also be drawing from the nominations and ballets for prize winners – so you could win as well!

You can recognize events, rides, stops, and businesses across Ohio that you’d recommend to others.  We would like to hear what your favorites are in a variety of categories.  You can also nominate places or items for your own categories – such as “Best Ribs” or “Best Biker Chili”.  

Nominees will be reviewed online through our facebook page and twitter – and we will ask for feedback through our readers there.  Those confirmed as being BEST OF OHIO, will be recognized in the magazine and receive a placard.  

To submit your Nomination / Vote – please visit our website – www.ThunderRoadsOhio.com

All entries are compiled and two will be drawn for $100 Gift Cards each.  All ballots with Ride Card #’s will be treated as check-in’s and eligible for Buckeye Thunder Run drawings as well!

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