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September Abate Blog

This has been one of those years, starting out cold and rainy, then hot and more hot and now it seems to be just nice out. I hope all are finding time to get out and get some miles on. Beware though, this is the time of year that things can go terribly wrong. The problem is that you start to think that this motorcycle riding is not that hard, but you are wrong. All the skills that you’ve used to stay upright this long are still very important. Always be ALERT – you never know when something’s going to change RIGHT NOW. A deer can come out of nowhere. A distracted driver can come left of center. A driver can not see you at a stop sign. You could take your mind off what you are doing and make that ultimate mistake. Be ALERT when you’re out riding.

With more than half the year gone, the older you get the faster time goes by, we seem to be riding better than we did last year. Last year at this time we had 81 fatalities and to date this year we have 66. Also, there were 7 passenger fatalities, 10 out of state licenses and 5 three-wheel motorcycle fatalities. What I desperately wish we could change but I have not found a way, is that 36 of our fatalities were our own fault. We are better riders than that, are we not? 

A fact that we can take and run with, only 2 of the 66 fatalities were motorcycle trained, with 1 of those being at fault. The point is, if we were all trained could we save lives? Another thing to consider, 32% of the fatalities did have their helmets on. Talk to your family, friends and brothers to ride SMART and have a good time.

The riding season is not quite over so make some time and take a Motorcycle Ohio ‘MO’ riders course. They are still giving classes and will until it snows. I was talking to a group not too long ago and the statement was “I have been riding on my temp every year. I just don’t have time to take a 16-hour course.” Well, take the one-day class for returning riders and at the end of the day you will have your endorsement. Give them a chance to make your ride safer. www.motorcycle.ohio.gov 

By the time you read this the 2019 Raffle Bike will be in the hands of a new owner. The ABATE of Ohio Foundation is getting ready to start the 2020 Raffle. If you did not win this year, you may be the one next year. For the first half of this year, all new and renewed members received a FREE 2019 raffle ticket and it will be the same for the rest of the year; All new and renewed members will get a 2020 raffle ticket as well. 

If you are not a member of ABATE of Ohio, Inc. or even some other organization such as the American Motorcycle Association or Motorcycle Riders Foundation, you are not protecting your Right to Ride. Currently, we at ABATE of Ohio, Inc. are watching Motorcycle Profiling, Facial-Recognition, Distracted Drivers and Hearing protection just to name a few issues. Come get involved and join. Remember you get a FREE raffle ticket. Online at www.abate.com, go to membership or call ABATE at 614-319-3644. We take credit cards. If you don’t like to go to meetings you don’t have to, but you need to be ready to protest when they want to take your rights away.  

Hope everyone has had a great year and I will see you down the road. 

Ride Within your Limits

Mike Stock 

Chairman of the Board



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