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Shame on the Ones

This month,  I decided to share a written thought from an MC Club member that I highly respect. Someone who lives his Club Life every day.

Shame on the ones who say they are solid and call you brother with no knowledge or experience pertaining to the meaning of their words. Nor do they show the strength and embrace knowing the importance which is also the greatest power that we all have and desire but some never get. That is the brotherhood that can only be lost by the ones who possess it. You should never allow that to happen because that what it is all about.

Shame on the ones who embrace you and look straight into your eyes with nothing, because though he is you and you are him and together you are bound under the same patch. You still let them go and then walk away showing them you have no interest in knowing who they are.

Shame on the ones that say you’re a product of your society when you don’t even know why society looks at you with contempt and unjustified judgment and says you’re a one of a kind yet you say nothing. You choose not to defend what you are about and represent because what you truly fear that same society has the power to incarcerate you over what you are supposed to be about and love.  Yet a brother is supposed to trust in you to protect and be there for them when they need you and you cannot even stand up for yourself.

Shame on the ones who have the knowledge but do not take the time or make the effort to teach others because you have DONE YOUR TIME. All you really have done is waist the time you had by allowing that same knowledge to slowly and quietly fade away as you are yourself when retirement has neared. Soon just like that unspoken knowledge you too will be forgotten and now nothing has been passed on, but then again, you’ve DONE YOUR TIME.

Shame on the ones who lost their way on your nations path because the righteous and real always roll on straight ahead blazed by the ones before you. The ones that are lost are the same ones that get upset due to not getting their way because it is all about them. True brotherhood is always about every brother before yourself. Any personal agendas will always get in the way of true brotherhood because your thoughts are only about yourself.

Shame on the ones who walk past your elders and founding fathers and do not stop and pay respects to those who came before you and helping all to have and enjoy what you are today. I will always have respect for the ones that come before and after me.


Always Real

I could not have said it better myself.

My Road Name is Tabasco, Keep it Real!

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